How To Go On A Shopping Spree Like You Deserve It

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If you’ve been living frugally and saving all your pennies, you’re not alone. It’s something many of us get into the habit of doing, especially when we get a bit older. 

But what happens if you’ve been a good girl and put all your money away for a long time and forgotten how to go shopping? Well, this post is here to help. We look at what you need to do to pamper yourself and enjoy your newfound financial freedom. 

Make A Wish List

The first and perhaps most exciting part of the whole exercise is to write your wishlist. Creating a list of everything you want to do and achieve on the trip can help you enjoy it more (and figure out what you want to buy). 

Don’t worry about keeping the wish list short. After all, it’s what you’re wishing for. 

Rather, write down everything that comes to mind and then you can decide whether you want it or not once you see all the options in the mall. 

For instance, you might want a new pair of pants that hug your body for work. Write it down. You might also need a new dress for parties now the summer is finally here. Again, write it down. Don’t be shy. 

Bring Someone With You

Our next piece of advice is to bring someone with you. Having a trusted friend there can provide feedback and suggest ideas that you might not have if you went shopping alone. 

The person you bring should be someone who actually enjoys shopping and walking around looking at clothes and women’s earrings for hours. Don’t drag your son along for the trip if it isn’t his cup of tea. 


Go Dressed Feeling Good

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It can also help to go dressed to the mall feeling good. If you can put yourself in a happy state of mind, you’re much more likely to experience the event positively and experiment with new styles you wouldn’t normally do. 

Put on some nice clothes and spend an hour in the bathroom before you go pampering yourself. Feel like a millionaire even before you start spending any money. 

Shoot For Quality

While you’re shopping, you’ll also want to shoot for quality over quantity. While fast fashion might be tempting, it’s bad for the environment and it can harm your purse later on when things break and you have to replace them. 

Look for items from brands focusing on sustainability and durability. Avoid cheap clothes unless you know you can look after them with the care and attention they require. 

Try Things On First

Finally, make sure you try everything on first instead of grabbing it off the rail and hoping for the best. While the fashion industry tries to harmonise sizing across the sector, brands can vary substantially. 

Always take time to figure out whether something suits you. Don’t be afraid to hand it back to the assistant if it isn’t right or the colour clashes with your skin tone. Remember, when you’re shopping, there’s no rush. 

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