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LIFE: It’s a beautiful day for a dog walk…

Taking Robbie, our little black labrador out for a walk across the fields has really turned into my happy place. After a stressful day, just a few steps into the…

PETS: Meet my new puppy

So, I have someone important to introduce to you today…. meet my new puppy, Yazmin. She’s Golden Retriever cross Labrador and she’s just six weeks old in this picture. I’m…

PETS: Ruby & Duke – Dog Treat Box

 This silly little puppy really misses me whenever I go away. I recently had to go away for a two week training course to Manchester and every day he would…

Fun at Brighton Foodies Festival 2015

One of my favourite months in Brighton is May as it’s festival time! And where better to start things off but my one of my all time favourites, Brighton Foodies Festival.…

LIFE: Poorly Puppy

If you’ve been reading my blog a while, you’ll know I write quite a lot about our gorgeous pooch, Robbie. He’s become a best friend to me and is a…