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  • Weaning: First Food Adventures – preparing to wean again!

    Weaning: First Food Adventures – preparing to wean again!
  • Breastfeeding: Pearl’s story so far…

    Breastfeeding: Pearl’s story so far…
  • Pearl’s Two Month Update

    Pearl’s Two Month Update
  • Review: Chicco Baby Hug 4-in-1

    Review: Chicco Baby Hug 4-in-1

Two Under Two Diaries: Our First Month Together

After a whirlwind few weeks, Pearl turns one month old today. Can you believe it? I feel like I always say that about my children’s milestones, but honestly I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone this time! Does it speed up every time you have a baby? It’s…

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Pearl’s Positive Birth Story

I can’t quite believe I’m writing this, but I am going to tell you my positive birth story. Yes, I actually experienced this elusive ‘positive birth’ that I’d heard everyone talking about but I’ll admit that in heart-of-hearts I never thought I’d ever be able to achieve. I might have even…

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When Robbie met Pearl

Every girl needs a furry best friend, right?! Well, Robbie is in luck as he just got a brand new playmate to play with and he couldn’t be a prouder big brother! If you’ve been reading my blog a while, I’m sure you’ll have seen me talking about Robbie, but…

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Introducing Pearl

Introducing our newest member of the family, Pearl Vivienne. Pearl arrived into our lives quickly on Saturday 4th August. It was the day of Brighton Pride and thankfully, being 39 weeks pregnant we didn’t go into town for the festivities, but to our local village fair instead, where my contractions began.…

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Second Time Mum: What’s in the babies hospital bag?

When I had Violet, I literally had NO IDEA what we would realistically need in our hospital bags. I just followed a couple of online guides and hoped for the best. It turned out we were in hospital quite a lot longer than I packed for so V had to…

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Review: Mutsy Nexo Stroller

Now Violet is a little bit older at nearly EIGHTEEN MONTHS (😱) it’s been amazing to finally upgrade our travel system to a lightweight stroller. No more loading multiple parts of a heavy pram into the boot of the car, this is one of the lightest, easiest strollers I’ve ever…

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Weaning: 5 Things I’d do differently next time

I’m sure you’ve seen my recent posts (mainly of frustration!) around weaning Violet and her journey with eating. She is not a big eater and is extremely fussy, which has been a real surprise to me. I naively thought as I eat a huge variety of foods, flavours and spices,…

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Review: Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Range

Just recently I’ve noticed a difference in the way that Violet plays with her toys. As she is 18 months now, she’s started to understand exactly how to play with each toy and what it does, rather than just being attracted to pretty shapes, colours or textures. With the new…

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Top tips for family meal times & a giveaway with Portmeirion

If I could say which element of parenting I find the most stressful, I’d say anything to do with eating, for sure. Give me a full on toddler temper tantrum to deal with over a spilt bowl of macaroni cheese any day. Violet hasn’t been the easiest baby to wean…

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Pregnancy #2: 37 week update – we are fully cooked!

It’s hard to get my head around that as of today, our baby is FULLY COOKED and could arrive at any moment! The baby is apparently the size of a Honeydew Melon, and feels as heavy as one too. I am starting to feel like the baby is seriously starting to run…

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