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  • Life is Peachy: Self care, Waffles and my biggest parenting challenge yet!

    Life is Peachy: Self care, Waffles and my biggest parenting challenge yet!
  • Planning Christmas presents for two under two!

    Planning Christmas presents for two under two!
  • Review: Baby Clementoni Interactive Ride On Unicorn

    Review: Baby Clementoni Interactive Ride On Unicorn
  • Pearl’s Three Month Update

    Pearl’s Three Month Update

Top tips for family meal times & a giveaway with Portmeirion

If I could say which element of parenting I find the most stressful, I’d say anything to do with eating, for sure. Give me a full on toddler temper tantrum to deal with over a spilt bowl of macaroni cheese any day. Violet hasn’t been the easiest baby to wean…

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Pregnancy #2: 37 week update – we are fully cooked!

It’s hard to get my head around that as of today, our baby is FULLY COOKED and could arrive at any moment! The baby is apparently the size of a Honeydew Melon, and feels as heavy as one too. I am starting to feel like the baby is seriously starting to run…

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Review: The Baby Box Company Luxury Hamper

We all know that when someone you know is expecting a baby, they’ll be showered in gifts. I mean, who doesn’t love buying cute baby clothes and products – When I’m choosing a gift I always try to chose something that will stand out but will be practical and actually…

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Review: Water Babies Chapter 3 & 4

It’s time for a little update on how Violet is getting along with her swimming lessons! If you follow me on instagram, you’ll know Violet is a TOTAL water baby. Although she loves bath time, water sensory play and her paddling pool – it’s clear to see her favourite time of…

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The things they DON’T tell you about your second pregnancy

They say every pregnancy is different, but I’ve been astounded this time to how different it really is! Part of that is down to my physical symptoms being totally different (so much so, we called the baby a boy for the first 16 weeks!) but my lifestyle is totally different…

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Review: Dinner at Vapiano London

Last weekend I had a full day out in London –  baby free! Think this was my first Saturday away from Violet in the time since she has been born, which is over 15 months now! Maybe it’s the panic that getting out and about with two will be so…

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Planning the new baby’s nursery

With only SEVEN weeks to go until Baby Peaches #2’s arrival, it’s been all systems go when it comes to planning our new babies nursery! This has been twice as tricky as with the house move as the poor little bubs room has been full of boxes since we moved…

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5 Things all parents think at the nursery drop off

As Violet is at nursery on her LAST day in the baby room, I am now sitting in an empty, quiet house feeling rather emotional about her nursery journey. I didn’t expect that – at all. When she started nursery, it was a real shock to our systems to get…

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Let’s have an honest chat…… #CanestenTalkHealth

This post has been supported by Canesten®, but all thoughts are my own  Ok, I know – this is slightly different to my usual blogging style, but sometimes you just have to sit down and have an honest chat. Something I love about blogs is that people are able to…

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The Sleep Training Diaries #2: Controlled Crying, our positive experience

Aah, sleep training – hello my old friend. We have found ourselves back here again in the land of sleep deprivation, amidst a land of terrible bad habits. I have been feeling like every night is ‘just getting by‘ and survival on whatever shut-eye we can get. We are EXHAUSTED…

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