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  • Life is Peachy: Self care, Waffles and my biggest parenting challenge yet!

    Life is Peachy: Self care, Waffles and my biggest parenting challenge yet!
  • Planning Christmas presents for two under two!

    Planning Christmas presents for two under two!
  • Review: Baby Clementoni Interactive Ride On Unicorn

    Review: Baby Clementoni Interactive Ride On Unicorn
  • Pearl’s Three Month Update

    Pearl’s Three Month Update

Sunshine, Pugs and Cupcakes…

Hey lovelies, This Saturday I headed down to the lovely Pavilion Gardens where the Brighton Bloggers were having a picnic! We shared lots of yummy treats, chatted, laughed and got super broody over the two little blogger bubbas that came along. Unfortunately I was a bad blogger and caught up…

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Motivation Monday #4: Life without Facebook

Today I wanted to talk to you about a recent decision I have made. This weekend I have completely removed myself from Facebook. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, each time I look through my timeline I wonder why I am interested in being on there. I know it’s great…

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Body Shop Seaweed Skincare Range

Hey lovelies, Hope you had a lovely weekend! The weather has been GORGEOUS here, I’ve had a really lovely weekend with lots of sunshine and good company. I will posting all about my weekend and spamming you all with lots of photos during the week 🙂  So, today I wanted…

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In June I….

♡  Went on two ‘date-nights’ with V-man including Thai food, French food and to the cinema to see Despicable Me 2 ♡ Finally enjoyed some sunshine on the beach here in Brighton ♡ Got my last essay mark and achieved a high pass, woo!  ♡ Continued to learn to crochet and made…

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Motivation Monday #3

My lifestyle is pretty busy, I work full time, run my blog which gets busier everyday, like to socialise and go to the gym. Within that I still need to find 15 hours a week to study towards my Psychology degree with the Open University. This often means giving up…

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Aston Martin Owners Club at Hever Castle

Hey Peaches,  This weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to the Aston Martin Owners Club event at Hever Castle. Unfortunately I am not an owner of one of these beauties myself but we had a lovely day soaking up the sunshine and looking at these fantastic cars. We…

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Whats in my handbag?

Hey lovelies! YAY it’s the weekend and it’s sunny & warm, finally! I’ve had a lovely afternoon at the park soaking up the sunshine. I had to take my study books with me as I have an essay due in, however if the sun is shining, I am happy.  So…

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Amigurumi To-Do List

Hey Peaches,  Hope you are all having a great week! My apologies for not being around much, it’s been a busy week with two work nights out and an essay due in, I have been a busy bee. With the little spare time I have had I have been teaching…

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Motivational Monday #2

 This is a favourite quote of mine, and something I will always say to myself if I’m faced with a difficult situation. It is so easy to make a bigger deal out of something than necessary and spend so many hours worrying and feeling frustrated, which can really easily be avoided. If I…

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Summer Shopping Haul

Hey Peaches, Eeeek, this weekend I’ve been shopping! I usually can’t  stand going into Brighton on a Saturday as it’s so busy but this time I was on a mission. I’ve been paid and have a little extra from selling some bits on eBay so decided to treat myself. Here…

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