Join our Pinterest Board – Bloggers Unite!

THANK YOU for your interest in joining Bloggers Unite Pinterest Board!

This board is for ALL bloggers of all niches to share posts, discover other amazing blogs and to interact with the blogging community. For it to work, it really needs to be a shared space, where people not only share their own content but re-pin and read others too.

To be invited to this board –

  1. Follow my Pinterest account! I work really hard maintaining this board for everyone to enjoy so please do follow my account, not just the board.
  2. Email the admin team – – make sure to include your Pinterest link. Emails without a clickable profile link will be deleted.
  3.  Look out for your invite!
  4.  Once you are accepted on the board – please share up to 5 pins per day. These must be blog posts only – no items for sale or affiliate links.
  5.  Please re-pin one pin for every one you share!

– Members will be removed by admin team if rules are broken –