About Us

Hello! I’m Lyndsay…

I live by the sea just outside of Brighton with my other half, V. Together we are same-sex Mummies to our daughters Violet and Pearl and our faithful old dog, Robbie. With a background in policing and cyber security I now devote my time to raising our girls in our seaside home alongside writing Fizzy Peaches Blog. For me, writing has always been my form of relaxation and escape. Having kept diaries throughout my teenage years, I started Fizzy Peaches Blog on a whim and not only found my passion but my career. I am now a full time blogger and strive daily to find that perfect balance as a work-from-home Mum (for more information on the blog or to work with me, click here)


We finally conceived in 2016 after a long journey through IVF and our first daughter Violet arrived in February 2017.


Violet is now a sweet, kind and caring little girl, who loves everything typically ‘girly’ from princesses to unicorns covered in glitter. If it’s pink, fluffy and sweet – she’s your girl. She’s my little sidekick and best friend – I don’t know what I’d do without her by my side. Since her baby sister came along she loves helping out, she loves to help dress her, change nappies and get involved with everything I’m doing. She is a real loves animal lover with her favourite days out being a trip to the zoo or to the farm. 


Not wanting to hang around after Violet’s birth, in November 2017 we had an IVF frozen embryo cycle and before we knew it another baby girl was on her way. Pearl was born during the heatwave in August 2018 and arrived on the day of Brighton Pride, making her our very own Pride baby. Her birth even made the headlines! She has slotted in perfectly into the family. She is calmer than her sister, a real easy-going girl who smiles all the time and is desperate to join in with her big sister and play.


Our other baby is our gentle black labrador, Robbie. He’s a sensitive boy who needs lots of love and affection. He loves walks, treats, food, stealing food and more treats! He loves dog toys but has a habit of ripping them up within seconds leaving the room covered in fluff and squeaky bits.


Fizzy Peaches Blog was established in 2012 as a lifestyle and travel blog but has evolved and changed with our lives into the world of pregnancy and parenting too. Writing is my creative outlet and keeps me sane, I love documenting our lives and sharing our adventures along the way. What started as a hobby is now my full-time profession, alongside being Mummy to Violet & Pearl, of course. Join me for a real account of life and motherhood, as it happens.

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