About Us

Oh hello there! 

Welcome to my blog, Lyndsay Joanne (formally Fizzy Peaches Blog). I am Lyndsay Joanne – a digital content creator and blogger. We are a two mum LGBTQ family based in Brighton with two children Violet (4) and Pearl (2) who were conceived via IVF Fertility Treatment. I share our lives and adventures on my blog and social channels, as well as real-life relatable motherhood moments, heartfelt IVF support and guidance – with a sprinkle of lifestyle and fitness content too. 

As a professional digital content creator with over nine years experience in social media marketing, I pride myself on delivering the highest quality content to the brands and media outlets that collaborate with me.

As well as working on my own social channels I provide high quality written and video content to popular parenting websites Babycentre, Mother & Baby Magazine, Families Online, Emma’s Diary and Netmums.

In 2020 I also wrote my first children’s story which is featured in ‘Where the Little Things Are

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Meet Violet… 

Our eldest daughter is Violet. After a long journey through IVF she arrived into our lives in February 2017 and turned our world upside down. Nothing can prepare you for the arrival of your first baby, right? 

Violet is now growing before our very eyes, I swear she gets taller and more grown up every day. She’s now four and off to school in September. She is an incredibly sweet, sentisitve and caring little girl, who loves everything typically ‘girly’ from princesses to unicorns covered in glitter. If it’s pink, fluffy and sweet – she’s your girl. She’s amazingly creative and would spend all day drawing, painting and making if she could (I wonder who she gets that from!) She’s my little sidekick and best friend – I don’t know what I’d do without her by my side. 



Meet Pearl… 

Not wanting to hang around after Violet’s birth, in November 2017 we had an IVF frozen embryo cycle and before we knew it another baby girl was on her way. Pearl was born during the heatwave in August 2018 and arrived on the day of Brighton Pride, making her our very own Pride baby. Her birth even made the headlines! She has slotted in perfectly into the family. 

Pearl is now in the throws of the terrible twos. She’s a fiercely independent toddler who knows her own mind. She is certainly keeping us on our toes. Pearl will not do anything she doesn’t want to – this usually includes daily activities like getting dressed, brushing teeth, brushing her hair… everything is tricky with Pearl, hence her wild hair, unruly fringe and often unusual taste in clothing! 

I just love watching her little personality grow – she is such a character. Underneath her feisty exterior, she’s actually extremely caring and sensitive. She loves playing with babies and animals. She always seems so grow up for her years, like an old soul in a toddlers body.

Pearl is the funniest little girl I’ve ever met, she keeps me equally topped up with laughs and cuddles all day!  


Meet Robbie…

Our other baby is our gentle black labrador, Robbie. He’s a sensitive boy who needs lots of love and affection. He is fourteen so in the peak of his golden years, but he loves walks, treats, food, stealing food and more treats! He’s our old boy, who is gradually slowing down and getting more grumpy as the days go by, but there is still life in the old pup yet! 


The Blog … 

Fizzy Peaches Blog was established in 2012 as a lifestyle and travel blog but has evolved and changed with our lives into the world of pregnancy and parenting too. In 2021, I rebranded to Lyndsay Joanne as I felt this was more personal to me. After all, this is my story.

Writing is my creative outlet and keeps me sane, I love documenting our lives and sharing our adventures along the way. What started as a hobby is now my full-time profession, alongside raising my beautiful daughters, of course. I hope you’ll join me for a real account of life and motherhood, as it happens.

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