10 little things that make me happy (that are NOT baby related!)

The Fourth Trimester – it’s all consuming, right? Everything in my world has been baby, baby, baby and although obviously, Violet is my world now, I’ve realised that a really important part of being a happy Mum is remembering who you were before babies.

I feel like a different person now, my body feels different, my daily life is totally different – it’s so easy to lose touch of who you were beforehand. So, in the last week, two of my favourite Mummy bloggers have given me a much-needed nudge in the right direction into remembering who I am, underneath the maternity sized stripy tops and messy Mum-bun.

Firstly, I attended a styling event with Bethanie Lunn, who got me trying on clothes to flatter my new body shape and although I felt hideously embarrassed of my lumps and bumps at first, she really gave me a boost and showed me a few new styles that suit my new figure. It was also fab to have a baby-free night out with my blogger friend Aine, we always have a giggle together, I shall miss her when she whizzes off to Bali very soon!

Secondly, Lauren has tagged me in this post to write 10 little things that make me happy – so I thought this would be a good time to write 10 non-baby related things to remind myself of the little joys outside of being a mother. So, here goes!

  1. Wearing my Rose Gold trainers with glittery toes and watching my feet sparkle in the sunshine as I walk along.
  2. Salted Caramel Ice Cream
  3. Being on maternity leave during the summer and living right on the beach – I know what I’m going to be doing every day once the weather warms up! 
  4. Pouring my heart and soul into my blog again – I missed it during my break, I realised how much of an outlet it is.
  5. The smell of a burnt out sparkler (or party popper!) – sort of stealing this one from Lauren, but she reminded me in her post talking about matches!
  6. Looking back at holiday snaps and reliving the happy memories of the places we have been
  7. Mojitos – I haven’t had one in over a year, I think the time has come!
  8. Wearing bright lipstick – even if I’m feeling low, a slick of colour always perks me up
  9. Robbie’s biscuit paws – yes, his feet paws like cookies baking in the oven (really)
  10. Striking everything off my to do list and putting my feet up to some trashy TV

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Plus anyone who’d like to join in!


What little things make you happy?


Our first Mother’s Day – Gift Ideas for a new Mum

Our first Mother's Day - Gift Ideas for a new Mum

In just ten days time (on the 26th March if you need a little reminder!) it’ll be Mothering Sunday. Usually, I’d be popping out and buying my Mum a card and a little something, but this year will be different as both V and I will be celebrating becoming Mother’s for the first time! As we knew things would be crazily busy with Violet at this time, we got ahead of the game and planned a few presents for each other, obviously from Violet – before she even arrived! Isn’t she clever?! 🙂 I know we are a bit too organised and it takes away the surprise, but I’m so pleased I did as I haven’t braved the shops on my own with her yet, plus in my tired sleep deprived state, I’m so glad I made it easy for myself!

So with our ‘new Mum status’ we wanted to get gifts that would come in handy with a new baby as this time is all about being practical, we need all the help we can get! So, here are the gifts that Violet got us, maybe you might find some inspiration for a present for your Mum too!

Our first Mother's Day - Gift Ideas for a new Mum

As we are going to be spending a lot of time on the sofa feeding, napping and playing with Violet, we got these lovely super soft Pets Rock Cushions (£24.99 each). The designs are just hilarious and go fabulously with our union jack ‘thrones’ in the living room!

Our first Mother's Day - Gift Ideas for a new Mum

Next up, I found this gorgeous Personalised Heart Map (£49.00 with 10% off using code MUM10). We absolutely love the village where we live so this is a keepsake we can treasure forever, it’s also the first house Violet lived in so it’ll be a special place we’ll keep in our hearts, even if we move away one day. On the website you just input your postcode and they do the rest, so it’s really quick and easy to create.

Our first Mother's Day - Gift Ideas for a new Mum

As new Mum’s we’ve basically been living on coffee (thank goodness for the Nespresso Machine!) so we thought these matching ‘I really love my Mummy‘ mugs were cute gifts and will be well used too! We personalised each mug with our drink of choice (there is a smaller text on the back) so that all our visitors know what drinks to make us. 😉  Of course all mugs need coasters, so lastly these Marbletree Heart Coasters (£19.99 for two) were a lovely touch, they go so well in our nursery and will be used many a time for those early morning feeds, I’m sure!

Our first Mother's Day - Gift Ideas for a new Mum

So, those are the gifts we will be giving, hopefully we will do something lovely as a family too (or maybe just let each other sleep -that would be FAB!)

What will you be buying your Mum this year? 

Post contains PR samples, words and opinions my own

Valentines Day Gift Guide 2017

We don’t really ‘do‘ Valentines Day in our house – we never really have as it’s just not our thing. However, as the days count down before Baby Peaches arrival, it’s got me in the mood to celebrate our last Valentines Day together as a couple, before we become a little family. We aren’t exchanging cards but as little gestures to each other we are giving sweet (but useful) gifts – things that  will pamper and make each other feel special and to celebrate a day of just being ‘us’ before baby. So, with this in mind – I’ve put together a few gift ideas along the same lines. Here are a few of my favourite picks this year:

Valentines Day Gift Guide 2017

Pampering before baby is high on my agenda at the moment, so this lovely bundle of treats from Crabtree and Evelyn is my perfect gift right now. The All Butter Rose and White Chocolate Biscuits (£5.00) are rich and delicious and with the Ultra Moisturising Hand Therapy (£6.00 per tube) so fragrant and luxurious – a real treat after all that busy nesting and scrubbing around the house!

Valentines Day Gift Guide 2017

I absolutely love flowers, but always feel a bit sad when my lovely, beautiful bouquet withers and dies. That’s why I was so excited to find these beautiful faux flowers by Cote Noire. These Oriental Lillies in Clear Glass (£50.00) are so realistic, but will last forever, so we can enjoy them time and time again. The arrangement also comes with a 10ml Spring Flower Scent bottle so you can refresh your flowers at any time. The scent is light and pretty and adds a touch of freshness to any room.

Valentines Day Gift Guide 2017

I absolutely love long, hot, baths – so having my own Personalised Towels from Christy (various prices) is the perfect gift for me. We have a lovely heated towel rail in our bathroom, so getting out of the bath into a warm, fluffy towel is just a dream. I love Christy towels as they are such great quality and are so lovely and cosy – We have a green set too, you might have recently seen them in our New Bathroom Tour!

Valentines Day Gift Guide 2017

With our baby due on 20th Feb, Valentines Day is the perfect last moment for us to reflect on life as a couple before we expand into a little family. To remember all of our favourite moments in 2016, I put together this sweet Favourite Memories Box (£22.00) from Love Give Ink for Vee. It has 4 photo memories and 8 sealed notecards, you can completely personalise every last detail, making this a really lovely keepsake gift and something a bit different.

Hope this list has given you a little inspiration for a gift for your loved one this year! Have a fabulous day, whether you are staying in or going out – I hope you are spoiled or pampered and treated like a King or Queen. Happy Valentines Day! 

Post contains PR samples – opinions are my own

8 tips on caring for your dog during the winter

9 tips on caring for your dog during the winter

Taking Robbie out for his daily walk has got to be one of my favourite times of the day. As I work from home a lot, I always make sure I take him out on my lunchbreak, that way I can get away from my laptop, get some fresh air and come back feeling invigorated and inspired for the rest of the afternoon – it’s a great way to clear out the cobwebs, although since I entered the third trimester our usual walk has turned into a slow plod, but we get there!

We have a beautiful nature reserve right by our house, with a huge, tall windmill that overlooks the sea. It’s such a beautiful spot, you just can never get bored on looking at that view – although I have to say just recently, Robbie isn’t too keen as the sheep have recently moved back in with their evil electric fence that gave Robbie the shock of his life back in the summer. He clearly still remembers as he won’t go anywhere near the sheep pen! So, even though we’ve changed our route to avoid the sheep and plod along, stopping to catch our breath every few minutes –  our walks may change over time, but we still enjoy them just the same.


9 tips on caring for your dog during the winter

So this post today is to talk about dog care tips for the winter, there are a few extra steps we need to think about when taking our little mutts out as the weather gets chilly, so I hope you’ll find this helpful! Luckily for us in Brighton we’ve not yet had snow or ice, however I’m sure the temperature is going to drop at some point, and when it does – we will be prepared!


Buy your pup a gorgeous coat, doesn’t Robbie look smart in his? He has really thick fur so doesn’t suffer from the cold unless it’s really chilly, however his coat keeps the mud and rain at bay, keeping him dry and easy to clean up when we get home.


As it gets dark so early, make sure you can see your pup in low light or in the mist and fog. You can buy clip on lights for their collar, although I’ve found the most reliable product is a flashing or fully illuminated collar or harness. We have to be really careful as when it gets dark, Robbie can easily disappear into the distance so he wears a light at all times. Keep an extra eye on them and only let them off the lead when it gets dark in safe areas like fenced fields and parks.


Make sure your dog has a cosy, warm space they can sleep in that is away from draughts. Robbie gets really chilly at night, his little ears are like ice cubes, so he often sleeps on our bed as thats the warmest place in the house (plus he’s like a little hot water bottle for us – win, win!). Ensure the room your dog is is warm, even in the coldest parts of the night.

9 tips on caring for your dog during the winter


Dogs feet need lots of extra care during the winter months, after all they aren’t wearing snowboots and thick socks like us. So, the first thing to do is to trim the hair that grows between the pads on your dogs paws, this helps to stop any build up of grit or salt, plus if it’s snowing this can get compacted between their toes and quite painful. If the skin is cracked or sore, coconut oil is a great moisturiser for little sore doggy feet.


If it’s been raining or your dog likes to jump in puddles and streams, always dry them after a walk with a big, warm doggy towel. After all that running about they can get quite cold if they are left to dry out naturally, so give them a hand to get comfy again, and scrub behind those ears and feet.

9 tips on caring for your dog during the winter


When your dog is off the lead, be careful of frozen lakes or ponds. Be careful they don’t scurry off for a spot of ice skating, the ice may be thinner than you think.


I know we all like to eat a bit more in the winter, but the thing your pet does not need is an extra layer of fat, so stick to their normal dog food and try not to give them too many treats, especially if they are going to be home and sleeping a little more than in the summer.


Keep your dog away from toxins during the winter months – the most common one to avoid is Anti-Freeze. This has a sweet taste to dogs, so keep them away from the garage or places this is likely to have spilled – even the smallest sip can be fatal!


I hope these tips have been helpful! Enjoy your winter walks with your pooch, I’d love to hear your top tips or doggy products you couldn’t be without – so tweet me or comment below! 

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This post is a collaboration with PEDIGREE®, but all thoughts are my own. For additional pet care information you can read the following PEDIGREE® Reviews for tips and advice

FizzyPeaches Blog is FOUR! Celebratory £30 Amazon Voucher giveaway!

4 years ago, on cold, dark December evening, I sat on my laptop and decided I wanted to create my own online space, although I didn’t really know why or what I’d do with it. In my teenage years I’d loved creating websites so I stumbled across ‘Blogger’ and thought I’d give it a go. I had never really heard much about blogging before, I didn’t know that there was such thing as the blogging community or ‘the blogosphere‘, I certainly didn’t know about product reviews, brand collaborations or earning money from running a blog. I just wanted a little webpage, to upload photos and ramble my thoughts down on paper (well, screen) so I could boring everyone on Facebook with my constant stream of consciousness and keep a personal place I could look back on. Well, I did all that and SO MUCH MORE. I can’t believe that it’s now 4 years on and my little blog is such a huge part of my life, it’s my passion and I’m even contemplating taking it full time at some point soon too. I never in my wildest dreams imagined that or anything that or half of the opportunities, friends and experiences my blog has brought me over the last four years. It’s also brought me tears of frustration, stress, nasty comments and it’s a 24/7 job (I never switch off entirely) but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So today’s post marks the anniversary of the beginnings of Fizzy Peaches and a little trip over the last year, plus I have a little gift for you too, just to say thanks for reading, as I know this sounds TOTALLY cheesy, but I couldn’t do it without either.


So, we will start of with this embarrassing peek back into what Fizzy Peaches Blog looked like 4 years ago…. My main topics were Beauty, Fitness and Knitting! Three things I never hardly ever write about now, which just shows how things can evolve. I think this has been the key to keeping going when things get tough. I’m really relaxed about my topic, I don’t have a niche, I just ebb and flow with whats going on in my life – because of that, it’s always been my perfect fit and I never get bored. So, four years later my blog is mainly centred around lifestyle, home decor, food and pregnancy and I feel like it’s on the cusp of  something new, with Baby Peaches on the way I can’t wait to see what next year brings too! (Also, if you wanted to see  more cringey layout flashbacks, I put a post of my blog through the years here, if you fancy a peek!)


  • I’m PREGNANT!  – This was the BEST DAY! I had kept our whole fertility treatment journey from my blog for about a year at this point so I was just bursting at the seams to tell everyone when we finally had our success! It felt like I was lying or not being true to myself when I didn’t write about it, it was so tough! It was only when I had to keep a BIG secret, I realised how much I use my blog as my creative outlet and how therapeutic it is to write. I feel like I will explode if I don’t blog about things.
  • WOAH, I WON! Winning 30plus Blogger of the Year – This was a major highlight of the year! I was just speechless as my name was called out, I couldn’t believe people had voted for me and I was up against some steep competition! I remember I was only 8 weeks pregnant and feeling TERRIBLE at the awards ceremony so with hormones, emotions and a lack of champagne – added together I was blubbering mess at the awards. Cringe. I was so happy though, thats all that matters.
  • FESTIVE SHENANIGANS – One of my favourite blogging events this year was a festive evening with Marks & Spencers to Wrap presents for Great Ormond Street. It was a warm, fuzzy, festive evening in the most beautiful house in Soho – and not only did I meet some super lovely bloggers but it was all for a good cause too!
  • I’M ON YOUTUBE!!  – This year I moved into the scary world of video! My first vlogs were terrible, I was nervous and scared of talking to the camera, but I think as the year has progressed I’m getting into it now! I still look back and cringe at my own voice, mannerisms and awful outtakes but I just decided I have got to push my boundaries and just DO IT. It’s a new adventure and I’m learning loads about video and video editing. Hoping to do lots more in 2017.
  • BABY COLLABS! Along side the stuff you can see on my blog…. and now Youtube channel (;)), I’ve also been super busy behind the scenes planning so many collaborations for 2017 with baby and parenting brands. It’s going to be a change from my usual style but I’m really excited to share some of the projects that are going on behind the scenes, and to finally involve Baby Peaches after over a year of waiting for her to join me!
  • IVF SUPPORT NETWORK –  Not only was I flooded with support messages and love after I posted IVF journey, but I’ve been touched to be able to have help so many other people through their journeys too. I get emails, texts and tweets all the time, asking me for help, advice and encouragement through all things fertility based. I’ve watched some of my new online friends from around the world, go from desperation to joy as they find out they are pregnant. This has just been the icing on the cake with it all, I’m so touched to have been part of their journey, even if it was an email exchange from afar, I remember that when you are going through IVF, every little bit of support and positivity goes miles, so I hope I can share that too.
  • BLOG EVENTS AND BLOGGING FRIENDS – Of course, this is a highlight every year! 2016 didn’t disappoint on the event front, even though I’ve had to slow things down a little bit to make room for Baby Peaches (and the months I was throwing up and couldn’t leave my house!) Highlights have got to have been the 30 plus Awards ceremony and Winners Day in London, Salon Success Christmas Party (where I literally didn’t stop laughing for 3 hours!), Lush Christmas party, the Brighton Blogger event back in March, Body Shop 40th Birthday Party, Crafting with Anna Hayman, Posh Totty Makes Class, Flower Arranging with M&S and the Brighton Big Screen Launch Party. Phew – thats just to name a few, I’m sure there have been many, many more!
  • ROBBIE, THE STAR OF THE BLOG –  Honestly, when I post something about Robbie, the post will get more traffic, likes or comments than anything else. Everyone LOVES Robbie and so they should as he’s SO CUTE. This year I have taken part in some really fun brand collaborations which have involved Robbie. Pet collaborations are always hilarious so I love taking part – This year we have posed together on squares of black carpet for Carpetright, rolled in rose petals for the Body Shop,  eaten from his personlised Royal Canin bowl and he has excitedly let me film him opening his doggy subscription box every month from Wagglepets. Robbie has some fun things coming up in 2017 too, yay!
  • ALL THE FOOD – Apart from pregnancy and Robbie being my most two talked about subjects, this year has been all about the FOOD! I have been all over the place reviewing restaurants left, right and centre and this is one of my favourite posts to do as well…. I just love to eat, take pictures of food and tell people about it, so it’s combining three of my favourite things to do. I tried to write a list of the amazing places I’ve been to eat this year but I’m sure I’ve missed some – here are some of my favourites, although all the reviews can be found under the ‘Food’ category in the menu above…. Terre a Terre, GB1, Olive Grove, Cafe Rouge, Wahaca opening evening in Brighton, Hotdogs and Burlesque, The Gingerman, Isaac At, Foodies Festival, Baker and Spice, The Creperie, Nowhere Man, GBK Brighton Marina, Fatto A Mano. I was also the South-East Rep for the British Take-away Awards, which was an exciting task! All the food!  Yum.
  • FINDING MY VOICE AND STYLE – Lastly, I feel like in 2016, I finally found my blogging voice and style. It only took FOUR years, but it was in there, somewhere. Before now, I used to get caught up in what people might think, writing about products I thought people might want to see and comparing myself to others. This year I’ve managed to let things flow a lot more naturally. I write how I feel, I try not think about outsiders perceptions and I have become so much better about writing about products I want to recommend and fit in with my life naturally and authentically. I have also found that alongside writing, my photography style has changed too, after years of experimenting with cameras, backdrops, flatlays, lenses, props and everything in between, I’ve finally found a style that works for me and although I have a standard ‘go-to‘ photography set up now, I know what will work and have stopped trying to over complicate things!


Lastly, as this year has been pretty damn amazing I wanted to say the biggest thank you! This is just a little gift from me, it’s not sponsored by a brand or paid for by anything other than me – so it’s not the hugest amount (hey, we have a baby on the way….) but it means the hugest amount to me! Thank you for reading and supporting my blog for the four years! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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