A Springtime adventure in London #ad

An Springtime adventure in London #ad

I love nothing more than a spontaneous day out. Before Violet was born, we’d always be hopping on and off the train to London, going for days out to explore the museums, catching a West End show or the odd cheeky shopping spree. However, since Violet arrived, life is a little different and it’s not quite that easy – I mean it took me 5 weeks to pluck up the courage to get out of the door on my own, so the thought of a family day out further than our sweet safe zone of Brighton seemed like a big step… but a tempting one.

So, this weekend we decided to bite the bullet and give it a go. I’ve always said that when I had a family, I wanted to be the kind of person who gets on with life as it was before, doing all the things we would have done, just this time taking the baby along for the ride too. This seemed the perfect opportunity to start our days of fun days out for all the family.

Looking at the weather forecast, it wasn’t looking great but we were determined to keep going regardless – Good old British springtime weather! We decided the best plan was to opt for a sightseeing trip to The Tower of London – I haven’t been since I went on a school trip so I couldn’t wait to see it again and view everything through adult eyes (I think as a child you just remember the grizzly bits, like where they cut people’s heads off – right?). That way we could enjoy the things outside, but there would be somewhere to run for cover – should the weather turn on us.

So we got up nice and early and headed down to Brighton train station to board our train.

An Springtime adventure in London #ad

Now, after all my apprehension around travelling with the baby, honestly – this has been the easiest journey to London I’ve ever done. We hopped on the Thameslink service from Brighton – this goes straight into London Bridge which is right in the heart of London and the perfect place for getting to so many of the sights, without having to use the underground. As I went to buy our tickets I was also surprised as it’s such great value for money too – with the Super Off-Peak tickets at the weekend, we only paid £10.80 return too and little one went free (although they also do a Kids travel for £2 offer for bigger children too). Plus, can you believe it, our carriage was totally empty! A few more people joined us on the way to London, but everyone had a seat and there was plenty of room for the pushchair and I saw lots of people with luggage as the train stops at Gatwick airport too.

An Springtime adventure in London #adAn Springtime adventure in London #adAn Springtime adventure in London #adAs we whizzed through the beautiful Sussex countryside, Violet was absolutely mesmerised looking out of the windows, all the flashes of sunlight, the colours and the scenery left her wide-eyed as she took it all in. She actually stayed awake most of the journey (I thought the movement would send her to sleep) as I think it was all pretty new and exciting for her, she wanted to just take everything in.

We arrived into London Bridge around mid-morning – this was the perfect base for us as there are so many sights you can visit from London Bridge without having to catch the tube and worrying about whether there would be lift access for the pushchair. From London Bridge some fab places to visit within walking distance are: HMS Belfast, River Cruises, Borough Market, Tower Bridge, The Shard, Tate Modern, the Jack the Ripper Tour – and of course The Tower of London, that just to name a few, there are plenty of shops, bars and restaurants to enjoy as well.

An Springtime adventure in London #ad

An Springtime adventure in London #ad

Checking the time – it took us just over an hour to get from Brighton to London, not bad at all! (Watch – Ice Lo)

We then headed to our destination for the day – The Tower of London. One of England’s most historical sights, the Tower of London dates back as far 1066, when it was founded as part of the Norman Conquest of England. From then, it’s been in the hands of many different monarchs, used as an armoury, the royal mint, a prison to Elizabeth I and Sir Walter Raleigh and also a place of torture and death – as Ann Boleyn and many others were beheaded within the grounds. The White Tower is said to be haunted by Henry VI, Lady Jane Grey and Ann Boleyn has been spotted walking along the corridors with her head under her arm. Nowadays, thankfully – it’s a tourist destination and the home to the Crown Jewels. With so much to see and do, you can easily spend a full day taking in everything the Tower has to offer.

We bought our tickets, which were 2-4-1 when you travel on the train and of course I had to buy a guide book too!

An Springtime adventure in London #adAn Springtime adventure in London #adAn Springtime adventure in London #ad

An Springtime adventure in London #ad

Two buildings, centuries apart.

An Springtime adventure in London #ad

An Springtime adventure in London #ad

We spent a good couple of hours at least exploring everything the Tower has to offer. The weather was so changeable, one minute it would be sunny, the next raining! I’m sure we spent more time putting Violet’s rain hood over the pushchair and taking it off than doing anything anything else. We found the Tower relatively easy to get about with the pushchair, although it took a bit of planning as most areas are accessed by steps but the guide book helped to point us in the direction of the step-free access points. Highlight of our trip to the Tower has got to be seeing the Crown Jewels – we queued for so long (luckily in the sunshine!) and once it was our turn, we boarded the travelator that goes past the main exhibit and lifted Violet up to see the Crown Jewels too. The Beefeater guarding the room laughed at us as she’s so little, but I think she was interested in the jewels for sure! Maybe it was the colours or the sparkles (she is my daughter after all), but one day we’ll tell her about her adventure to see the Crown Jewels and I’m sure she’ll be pleased we included her.

After a good look around the grounds at The Ravens, the guardsmen, the beefeaters and the Bloody Tower it all became a bit much for Violet and she got a bit overtired, so we retreated to the cafe for a well earned cream tea and a bottle of milk (for Violet, not us!). Feeling refreshed after a spot of calm, we continued with our day…

An Springtime adventure in London #adAn Springtime adventure in London #ad

As we left the Tower, the weather turned and it was so stormy overhead – kind of made the Tower even more spooky and atmospheric with those looming grey clouds. It was time to make our escape!

We decided to carry on our day with a little ‘walking tour’ of London along the River Thames. I say a little tour as we didn’t join an official one we just plodded along, taking in the sights and snapping away as we went. Shame the weather wasn’t great as we did get caught in a torrential downpour at this point, but luckily it passed pretty quickly and we carried on, Violet asleep in her pram was none the wiser, so thats all that mattered!

An Springtime adventure in London #adAn Springtime adventure in London #adAn Springtime adventure in London #ad

For us, no trip to London would be complete without a trip to Wahaca to round the day off with tacos and mojitos! I was so excited to have my first mojito since before I was pregnant (well, and before I did IVF so maybe 18 months ago now!) and it was worth every sip! They are SO GOOD. Exhausted from our day of adventure around London we finally rested up and and enjoyed a Mexican feast, we even had a few friends who live in London turn up to join us, which was a lovely surprise!

An Springtime adventure in London #adAn Springtime adventure in London #adAfter our meal we headed back to London Bridge Station on foot again, stopping as we passed a Nespresso Cafe which has a robot that collects your order of Nespresso pods and delivers them through a little hatch for you – honestly, I kid you not, a robot! I was well impressed. We also did a final bit of sightseeing, taking the scenic path through St Paul’s Cathedral gardens and we even walked by the First Dates Restaurant which was a fun little spot, I love that TV show.

All in all, we had a fabulous first family day out with Violet – she was good as gold and loved just taking in the scenery, the sights, sounds and movements kept her interested all day. When we needed places to sit and feed or change her, it was so easy – there are places everywhere! The train journey was quick and easy and much cheaper than I expected – plus we got a discount on our tickets for the The Tower of London which made it much more affordable too. I’m glad we decided to have a spontaneous adventure out and no doubt we’ll be planning the next one too.

Lastly, just for a bit of added fun, I vlogged our day out in London so here is a little video of us all as well – enjoy!


Post written in collaboration with Thameslink Rail, all words opinions and photography is my own.


One Year On – A Family Portrait

This time last year, I was midway through the IVF process. My life revolved around Dr’s appointments, ultrasounds and injections. Oh, the injections – there were so many! In total I injected myself for 14 weeks every single day – sometimes even twice a day. That’s around 126 injections I administered into my own skin. I remember wincing at the first ever one, pointing the needle towards my tummy and looking away as I did it. It got easier over time. All I can say if that our baby was so very wanted, I longed for her and I knew she would be so loved. Every needle, every headache, every moment of anxiety, apprehension and fear was worth it a hundred times over.

So, that brings us to now –  a year later we are officially a family of four – the wonders of science!! So to celebrate how far we’ve come and our gorgeous supergirl Ultra Violet, we marked the occasion by having our very first family photoshoot.

The photos were taken by the very talented Brighton based photographer Kitty Wheeler Shaw. I’d seen her work on Aine’s blog and thought her style would suit us all perfectly. I know I’m a blogger, but I’m actually pretty shy in front of the camera and V is even more so. Anything that included awkward posing would just bit a disaster. Instead, Kitty just hung out with us and we played with Violet in the nursery, then down on the beach and you’d almost forget she was there, we were so comfortable. I’m so pleased we did it and were able to capture photos with Violet while she was so small, even in the few weeks since the shoot she looks different already!

Anyway, enough of me – I’ll let the photos speak for themselves!

Big thanks to Kitty for taking such beautiful photos of us. If you like her work, you can see lots more and get in touch with her via her website or Instagram.

Violet’s Two Month Update

Two months old? What happened to my tiny newborn! Violet is growing SO QUICKLY. I know everyone tells you that babies grow quickly and to ‘cherish every moment‘ but honestly it’s going so much quicker than I could have ever expected. Some days I get her out of her cot and it’s like she’s grown in the night, both mentally and physically, Violet is developing at the speed of light and if I blink, I could honestly miss it.

This month, Violet changed from a little newborn to a sweet little person, her little personality started to shine, we went through a giant developmental leap and we survived our first round of injections…. just about! We also got so much more confident leaving the house. Here is our second month of life together:

 Between 4-6 weeks, Violet suddenly changed into a little girl. She started to gain weight rapidly and her face became rounded and full of expression. She is so fascinated by the world, always looking around, studying faces, patterns and lights. She finished her round of cranial sacral therapy and it was like we had a new baby, she was suddenly so calm. Suddenly, she started enjoying little things like journeys in the pram and bath time – kicking the warm water around her feet. Although she seemed unsure, it was better than the screaming fits of the previous month!

She started watching your expressions, like sticking your tongue out or smiling, she will copy and repeat. She is also starting to babble away, constantly mumbling little sounds then suddenly finding her voice and shouting short abrupt noises like ‘aaah!’ or ‘eee!’ which always takes me by surprise!

We were signed off at our 6 week check as fully healthy and booked in for our jabs at the end of the month. Around week 7, Violet entered into her second developmental leap (Patterns according to the Wonder Weeks book). This completely explained her change in behaviour (thank goodness for that book/app!) She went from being sweet and smiley to grizzly and clingy practically overnight and I started to see some of the new skills she would learn during the leap starting to emerge. I used some sensory toys at this time to try and help her develop and practice them – the first thing I noticed was that she started to bat at her toys. No longer were her arms just flying around willy-nilly, she was aiming them at her toys and although she didn’t always hit them, she was giving it a damn good try!

She also started to hold her head up so much better! She hasn’t mastered holding it up during tummy time, but when we hold her upright she can hold it and will look around the room in response to sound and people.

Violet also became quite fussy over her food. She decided she would no longer accept our Dr Browns Bottles (which are quite expensive and we’d bought loads!) and in sheer desperation to find something she could eat from I found a MAM bottle at the back of the cupboard that I’d been given as a sample at The Baby Show. She took to that in seconds and gobbled down her food almost without taking a breath. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime as I quickly ordered a full set of MAM bottles and she hasn’t looked back since. Bizarre how she could completely refuse a type of bottle, but she did!

In weeks 6-8 I found my feet with getting out and about with Violet. During her first few weeks I felt so nervous to leave the house ‘What if she cries and everyone turns around’  would go round and round in my mind, I felt totally stuck at home and began to get cabin fever. By week 6 I just decided to grin and bear it. It turns out, it wasn’t that scary after all. Violet loves the movement of the bus and was so calm – walking around the shops and meeting a friend felt like I’d conquered the world, I actually welled up on the bus home as I was so proud of myself. I know that sounds silly and it’s such a small thing, but for me at that moment it felt monumental.

Since then, we’ve been into town quite a few times, we even took our first car journey. I only had to stop and check she was breathing once – that’s not bad for a 45 minute drive, right?

We also did our first family photoshoot. The amazing Kitty Wheeler Shaw took came to our favourite spot on Rottingdean beach and got some beautiful photos of us all! We were nervous at first at the thought of a photoshoot, but I’m so glad we did it as we’ll treasure the photos forever, they are beautiful. (I’ll be sharing the rest and a bit about our experience in a blog post soon, so watch out for that!)

[Credit: Kitty Wheeler Shaw]

In other news, Robbie has finally settled into our new family set up and accepted me again. I was heartbroken when he would just walk away from me after we’d been so close before Violet’s arrival. We honestly thought he was getting depression and looked up a dog psychologist to come and help us with him. Luckily it never got to that and he’s come round, finally. Sometimes I find it hard to manage both Violet and Robbie at home on my own (Robbie is like a needy toddler) but I try to include him more and give him some attention and he seems so much more settled.

We ended month two on a bit of a low. The day Violet came out of her Wonder Weeks leap, she greeted me with a beaming smile as she woke up and was so bright and fun all day. By the afternoon, it was time for her first set of injections so we took her to the Dr’s surgery and I’m not sure which of us found the experience more distressing! When she had her jabs she screamed and cried real, proper, wet tears with the saddest little sniffles. I told myself I wasn’t going to cry but it was so awful I just burst into tears in front of the nurses too. How embarrassing. Afterwards, she was the off-colour for a couple of days but Calpol saved the day (it’s magical!). I felt a bit sad her bright, sunny time after her grizzly developmental leap had collided with her injections at the same time, but never mind. It had to be done and she’s all recovered now. Phew.


Feeding: 50/50 Combination fed – expressed milk and formula. She seems to love formula more though!

Weight: Not sure, but from my constant aching arms she’s a little chunk! She’s now in 0-3 clothes, with all her newborn and one month clothes bagged up as they no longer fit!

Sleeping: At 8 weeks she slept through, although she hasn’t again since her jabs. Her sleeping is getting so much better, usually 5-6 hour blocks, although we do have the odd bad night.

Skills: Lots of smiling, batting toys, turning towards a sound or watching you walk through a room, playing with her hands/feet intentionally and exploring what they do, holding her head up much more often, cooing and making sounds like she’s trying to speak

Favourite things: Close cuddles into my chest, dangly colourful sensory toys, MAM bottles, her bouncy chair,  playing on the change table, smiling at Mummies

Hated things: Still waiting for food, being cold, frothy milk, injections, Dr Browns Bottles


I’ll leave you with this gem, snapped on my phone – excuse the quality and the silly Mummy noises!


Review: Cosatto Giggle 2 Travel System

Review: Cosatto Giggle 2 Travel System

When it comes to pushchairs and travel systems – I knew which one I wanted way before Violet had even arrived. We were at the Baby Show in London, where there was a huge array of pushchairs in all shapes, sizes and colours and as we walked around stall after stall, it all seemed a much of a muchness, I was left feeling lacklustre – nothing seemed to stand out to me. That was until I discovered Cosatto and just knew they were the brand for me! The vibrant colours and designs immediately caught my eye and after this, I spent nearly and hour trying different prams, ooohing and aaahing over designs until I finally decided, the Giggle 2 in Fox Tale was the one for us. We absolutely loved the design as it’s bright, fun and could be used for a boy or girl, so it was perfect!

That seems like a lifetime ago. For months our Giggle 2 stood boxed in the nursery awaiting our arrival and I honestly couldn’t wait to give it a spin. So, now Violet’s here I’ve been proudly pushing her here, there and everywhere and not sure which gets more compliments – our pushchair or the baby! Maybe both, but I can tell you we stop nearly every old lady in her tracks, that’s for sure! Here are some of our adventures so far……

Review: Cosatto Giggle 2 Travel System

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of the Cosatto Giggle 2 Travel system (and keep reading to the bottom as I have a fabulous special offer for you too!) – it’s not just the carrycot you see in the pictures, thats just the mode we are using at the moment whilst Violet is a wee nipper. The travel system is a complete package with three modes – the carrycot, the pram and a dual-facing pushchair seat. This means she’ll be using this for quite some time now and it will grow with her over time. The chassis also fits the Group 0+ Hold Car seat, which we have too (in matching Fox Tale pattern, of course!) so it really is a versatile system. Each mode clicks on and off with ease, so at the touch of a button you can assemble and go, even in a hurry. The big buttons a clearly marked with yellow or red – so even I can do it and I am not technical – at all!

The fold down is super smooth and popping the chassis into the boot of the car is a piece of cake as it folds flat and is light and easy to pick up.

Review: Cosatto Giggle 2 Travel SystemReview: Cosatto Giggle 2 Travel System

The Giggle 2 is amazingly smooth and easy to manoeuvre, the three wheel chassis allows you to swing round corners and curves like a breeze, although it doesn’t unfortunately stop you from being a bad pram driver, I think I still have my L plates on when it comes to taking it into shops (crash, bang, wallop) but thats not the prams fault, I just need a little more practice! The handle has a soft foam coating which gives great grip and comfort, plus the handle height is also adjustable too.

The chassis has full all round suspension – where we live has cobbled pavements and a pebbly path along the seafront – all the bouncing over the pebbles doesn’t seem to stir Violet from her sleep, in fact I think she finds the smooth movement calming as she often drops off to sleep.

Review: Cosatto Giggle 2 Travel System

Under the carrycot is a spacious basket, perfect for shopping and carrying the all important rain cover. Whilst we are talking about the weather I should mention the hood is also UPF50+, so your little ones are super protected, come rain or shine. Included with the travel system is a matching change bag with change mat and wet bag so you can look super coordinated at all times! I’m still at that stage where having a pushchair for my bags and shopping is such a luxury, the novelty hasn’t worn off at all – I don’t have to carry anything around, it’s fabulous!

Review: Cosatto Giggle 2 Travel System Review: Cosatto Giggle 2 Travel System

We’ve got so much use out of our Giggle 2 so far, mainly because the carrycot is so comfy we take her everywhere in it plus it’s so handy that it’s suitable for occasional overnight sleeping – although she’s never slept in it overnight we do use the carrycot in our living room for naps as it’s a safe place I can let her sleep in the house during the day. Robbie our sweet black labrador loves to snuggle up to her, which is so cute but for her naps I’m pleased she has a safe place, high off the floor where he can’t try and snuggle in too! Also to mention, the carrycot has a washable lining, which I haven’t had to utilise yet, but I’ve done a few nappy changes on the run (or ‘danger changes‘ as I like to call them) in there, we might have to wash it soon as I’m sure she’ll catch us out doing that soon enough!

Violet loves the design on the inside of the carrycot, she spends so much time fascinated by the bright colourful pictures – they really catch her attention and as she can’t look out yet, it keeps her occupied as we go along. If the Fox Tales design isn’t your thing, they also do the Giggle 2 in a range of bright and colourful designs – my other favourites are the Magic Unicorns and Space Racer prints.

Review: Cosatto Giggle 2 Travel System Review: Cosatto Giggle 2 Travel System

At 8 weeks, we haven’t used the pushchair mode as she’s still a little small, but in my excitement I have assembled it and have given it a go around the house –  just to test all the different settings. The pushchair mode has both front and rear facing, with 4 different recline settings, it looks so versatile and something we will be using for quite some time yet. I can’t wait to try her in that one when she can look out and about – I think she’s going to love it!

So, overall we give the Cosatto Giggle 2 the big thumbs up – we are impressed all round. I have to say as a new parent I had no idea what I’d look for in a travel system, I was suckered in by the colourful prints and design, but now I’ve tried and tested my Giggle 2 non-stop for over 8 weeks, I can safely say this pram is built not just for the design but is lightweight, easy to manoeuvre across a multitude of terrains and so simple to adjust, fold down or interchange the parts. Cosatto have literally thought of every little detail, from adjustable handles to additional rain covers, cosy toes for the stroller and attachments to clip on the Hold Car Seat. Bravo Cosatto!

Review: Cosatto Giggle 2 Travel System

The Cosatto Giggle 2 costs £484.94 which is fantastic value for money, bearing in mind how much is included within the system. The matching Hold car seat is an additional £154.94, although here’s a heads up – the car seat is FREE with any Travel System in May, so snap one up whilst the offer is on! Also, whilst you are there…. take a look at the wonderful range of pushchairs, car seats and high chairs over on the Cosatto Website, I just love the bright colours! My eye is on the unicorn print for our next purchase – maybe the highchair or a stroller when she gets a little bigger! We shall see!

We were sent the Cosatto Giggle 2 Travel System in exchange for this review. All views and opinions are my own.
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Violet’s Nursery Tour

Violet's Nursery Tour

Welcome to Violet’s nursery! She has the best room in the house! It’s light and airy with beautiful seaviews – I’m rather jealous to be honest! We were working on it months before her arrival, lovingly choosing the colour paint (which is called Violet White, nonetheless) and carefully assembling furniture, dreaming one day she will be here to enjoy it all and now here she is! So, come take a look around her gorgeous room – she doesn’t sleep in here yet, but we play with her and change her nappy in here as much as we can in here so she’s used to it when the big day comes. I’ve also included a few recommendations in this post on things we are loving so far, so I hope you find that helpful too!

Violet's Nursery Tour

Violet’s Room with the playmats out – usually these are only on the floor if we are using them, or else a naughty black puppy dog thinks he has a new bed!

Violet's Nursery Tour

Rottingdean Seafront

The view from her nursery – she loves watching out of the window, the sun setting over the sea and the traffic passing by

Baby clothes in the wardrobe

This girl has more clothes than me, seriously! Luckily, most of this was given to us second hand from friends, we’ve been so lucky! It’ll be so sweet to compare photos of our babies wearing the same outfits too!

Star wars itty bittys

Scan Pictures (top left – 12 weeks, bottom left – 7 weeks (how tiny!!!) and bottom right – 20 weeks) plus her super cute Star Wars Itty Bittys, which I’m sure she will love when she’s old enough to hold them and cuddle them!

Basket of toys for a baby

Mothercare Lulworth cot bed

Violet’s cot is the Lulworth Cot bed from Mothercare, we bought this one as we wanted a cot she can grow into and will last a while. This will eventually turn into a toddler bed so it should do us for quite some time! She isn’t in it yet so at the moment it’s a place for all her teddies to live, but we plan to transition her into this cot at around 6 months old if she’s ready. We’ll have to see how we feel at the time as her bedroom is on a different floor to ours, so it’s not just next door, there will be a whole flight of stairs between us. We are also a fan of Dex the Dog Sleep Toy, he plays heartbeat sounds, waterfall sounds and 4 different melodies and is a lifesaver when it comes to bedtime. I love these toys as you can shake them to turn the sound on, rather than fumbling around for a switch in the dark.

Dex the Dog Soother Toy

handmade baby blankets

Beautiful Handmade Blankets

Police bear

Like all parents, we are keen to get reading to Violet and although I’m sure she doesn’t quite understand yet, we have a growing reading shelf which we already read to her. She does enjoy bright colours and pictures and I’m sure the sound of our voice is soothing – it’s never to early to start reading! We started her reading shelf at her baby shower, my friend that organised it asked everyone to bring their favourite children’s book, so she has quite a few already! Favourites have got to be That’s Not My Puppy
and ‘The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name‘.

Favourite book & gorgeous personalised Fantastic Firsts Cards

Violet’s changing table is from East Coast Nursery and is just the perfect addition to her nursery. You may remember I did a post before she was born on Changing Table Essentials? Well, here it is in action, months down the line! My top tips now for a changing table are to have everything close to hand, keep a large supply of nappies and wipes (see ours peeking out from behind the table and along the bottom shelf!) as you’ll go through them FAST. Also, keep hand sanitiser nearby in a pump form as you’ll need it after a messy change.

I also added a couple of Infantino Go Gaga Sensory Toys above the change table for her to look at, it’s just a home made mobile (nothing fancy!) but she loves it. She’s starting to bat her toys so this is the perfect time to practice and a distraction from her nappy/clothes change.

Another recommendation for the change table would be to have a good nappy bin! We have the Korbell Nappy Bin in Mint Green which is great as it’s hands free, has a double lid to keep in an odours and liners are biodegradable and easy to change.

We keep her pushchair and carseat in her nursery, so we can get everything organised in one place before a day out. She currently is using the Cosatto Giggle 2 travel system in Foxtales, which I’ll be fully reviewing in the next week or so, so keep an eye out for that one! Again, as she’s starting to look around all the time I’ve added another sensory toy to her car seat. At first she wasn’t great at being in her seat, I think she was so small she found the straps quite daunting, but this little spiral of colours and toys keeps her busy if she wakes on a journey, so she’s getting so much better at being in her car seat now.

The last things I wanted to mention are her bouncy chair and playmats. We use these ALL THE TIME and they have been a lifesaver for me when I’m on my own with her in the house, as she can now entertain herself for a few minutes allowing me to get on with a few bits like washing up or maybe even a spot of blogging. She has the Chicco Balloon Bouncer – it’s fun, colourful with lights and music to keep her entertained for hours – I’ll be doing a full review on the chair, so watch out for that post soon!

Tutti Bambini Garden Party Play Gym – She loves this one as it’s so super soft and comfy. The only problem is keeping Robbie away, he likes to think this is his new dog bed too!

Lastly, is her ‘Say Hello to Tummy Time’ mat – it’s so fun and colourful. She wasn’t a fan of Tummy time for quite a while as it just looked like she was face planting the floor, but with this mat there is plenty for her to look at and a lovely soft moon shaped cushion for her to rest on (although she likes to just lick it continuously!) There is a mirror, crinkly bits and sounds too for extra entertainment – it’s a hit with us!

Thanks for taking a tour around my nursery!


Contains PR samples, however all thoughts and opinions are my own