Wishlist: Winter Accessories

I absolutely love winter clothes – chunky knits, thick tights and warm wooly scarves, however this year looking at the maternity ranges of clothes I have felt so disappointed as there is such a limited selection, especially when it comes to coats! It seems with maternity clothes, you have to shell out a huge amount of money to get anything half decent, and as I’m only going to be pregnant for a couple more months it just seems a bit pointless. So, this weekend I snapped up a cheap second hand maternity coat on eBay and thought I’d jazz it up and create my own style by adding some winter accessories I can come back to and wear next year too.

So, this year I’m loving navy, purples and golds – especially with a little bit of a sparkle, like the jewelled hat below as the last thing I want to feel in my plain maternity clothes is frumpy or dull! Here is my ultimate winter accessories wishlist:


Pom Pom Keyring | Cashmere Cashmink Scarves | Jewelled PomPom Hat |Dreamy Digital Galaxy SuperSlim Umbrella  Cute Blue Watches | Wool Glove with Bow Stripey Printed Wellies  | Fairisle Bootie


What accessories have you got your eye on this winter? 

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Christmas Party Dress Inspiration (with maternity options too!)

I can’t believe I’m actually mentioning the ‘C’ word,  it doesn’t seem right but I’m going to do it. Ok, here goes – CHRISTMAS. There. I did it, the seal is officially broken for this year. So, it’s time to start talking about Christmas Party dresses. I am still in denial that it is still summer, but I know the big C-word will creep up on us and before we know it, so I may as well start preparing now.  I recently noticed when I popped to the shops that all of the new AW16 ranges are out and the most eye catching pieces are the dresses. Everyone loves a spangly dress at Christmas, right?  So I thought this year I’d get ahead of the game and have a flick round all the Christmas Party dresses ahead of time to pick out my favourites of the new collections this year and pop them all in one handy post!

Plus, if choosing a dress wasn’t hard enough, this year I have the added joy of trying to find a pretty maternity dress too! By Christmas time  I’ll be 7 months, so I imagine I’ll have quite a large bump – finding the perfect dress is going to be tricky. As well as a few Christmas parties this year, I also need a spangly dress for my birthday in November as we are heading back to Paris to re-do my 30th birthday again. You might have read that last year we were caught up in the terrorist attacks on my 30th birthday (so this year technically I’m turning 30 again, not 31 🙂 ) so we are going back to have the weekend that we missed last year. I need to get on it with the dress buying ASAP!


The first collection of dresses are my non-maternity favourites. I’m not sure I’ll be wearing any of these this year but there will be plenty of occasions in the future I’m sure I will….  I especially love the red lace dress,  gorgeous! Goals for next year when I get my waistline back, it’s beautiful!


Dress 1 | Dress 3 | Dress 3


My first impressions of maternity clothes have been that of plain, frumpy stripy tops and jeans or giant maxi dress tents (she says, wearing a stripy t-shirt and maternity jeans…..) however with the change of the season it seems the maternity ranges have really picked up in style and I’ve noticed some lovely items to choose from. I thought evening wear would be hard to find, but sites like Tiffany Rose have such a huge range of beautiful classy evening maternity dresses, there is bound to be something for everyone and every shape. House of Fraser is a good call too with plenty of choice in their going out dresses range, plus loads of other lovely maternity wear too.


Dress 1 | Dress 2 | Dress 3


Of course, no going out (out) outfit is complete without accessories, so I’ve picked out a few of my favourites to add a touch of glamour to any of the dresses I’ve chosen. Footwear-wise, I’ve erred on the side of caution, with a huge bump I doubt I’ll want to wear anything too high so these gorgeous navy ankle boots should do the trick.  I also love the Michael Kors bag (who doesn’t) and its perfect for any outfit, as it comes in a range of colours – I could choose a colour to go with my dress. A girl can dream!


Ankle Boots | Necklace | Handbag | Smokey Eye Palette

So, these are my choices for this year – stay tuned for a few posts in Nov/Dec featuring the full outfits!

Have you picked up your Christmas Party dress yet? I’d love to see your choices! 

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Looking forward to Autumn with the #KnitwearCareClub

I was recently contacted by the lovely team at George (at Asda) to ask if I was looking forward to Autumn, and the answer was was a resounding ‘YEESSS!!’ Not to sound like the typical blogger cliché…. (well, actually to sound a lot like a blogger cliché) – I can’t wait to snuggle in some warm knits, wear thick tights, drink pumpkin spice lattes and dance through the crispy leaves. As much as I’ve loved the sunshine and summer this year, it’s time to move onto all things autumn and I can’t wait for the change in season.

So, to get us all talking about Autumn, George asked myself and a few other bloggers to share their best knitwear tips. My knitwear tip is to:

Always pay attention to care labels – washing and drying your knitwear properly is vital to keeping it at its best. You don’t want to end up with a jumper fit for a teddy bear after just one wash.”

Trust me, I speak from experience.

In all seriousness, the bloggers have put together a super handy round-up post with some top knitwear care tips and tricks.  If you are anything like me and have a bad track record with the washing machine – go and read it NOW! It should save you a few mishaps this season.

Right, let’s talk about my outfit. To celebrate Autumn and knitwear, I was kindly sent this gorgeous grey long line cardigan, at only £14 it’s quite a bargain. I chose something long and loose as I know by the end of the winter my belly is going to be quite big so I wanted something that will see me all the way through. I also chose these super comfy over-bump maternity jeans, which are my LIFELINE these days now nothing in my wardrobe fits. I wear them nearly every day as they are the comfiest thing I’ve worn in a long time. I’m almost wondering why I didn’t wear maternity jeans before I was pregnant just for comfort (and big meals!) they are great.

Since getting pregnant I’ve had a bit of a wardrobe crisis already – I’m not even that big yet! Maternity clothes seem to only come in plain colours and styles so I’ve had to mix things up to give my outfits a unique look. For this outfit I decided a pop of red to finish the look and brighten up those plain greys/whites. I’m thinking that adding bright lipstick and accessories is probably going to be the way forward for the next few months.

I also had a mini crisis taking these photos! These were the first photos I’ve taken since my body became a little rotund round the middle and I found getting the perfect snap really hard. There is honestly so much more to think about these days. I was only about 13 weeks when I took these pictures so my bump is minimal, but I can’t tell you how self conscious I started to feel. I think maybe when my bump is a little more defined I’ll relax more – right now I just look like I’ve eaten a big dinner! It’s really strange getting used to a totally ‘new’ body suddenly and being ok with it, even if having a baby is a miraculous thing! My blogger friend Maisie wrote a really good post on being pregnant and body image that was totally relatable and made me feel better about the whole thing.

I seem to have gone off on a tangent from my outfit, but just to wrap things up – my new Mo:vel trainers deserve a big mention. They are my favourite comfy shoes at the moment and I love them as they are SO BRIGHT! They certainly add a pop of colour to any outfit! Mo:vel have just opened a store in Brighton and have some amazing bright funky coloured designs, I might need to pick up another pair, or two!

Are you looking forward to Autumn like me? 

Also, if you have any tips on livening up maternity clothes, do let me know before I drown in a sea of plain whites and stripes! 

Items sent for consideration by both George and Mo:vel – all words and opinions are my own

Summer Colours – My current wardrobe wishlist

I just LOVE bright colours at the moment, however when it comes to clothes I’ve always found it hard to branch away from my traditional denims, greys and blacks, even in summer. So, this year I’ve been looking around for some new clothes that are just a step up, with a pops of colour and details to add a bit more of a summery tone to my outfits. I haven’t gone for anything garishly over the top, but to me, my choices do shout bright, happy, summer vibes. If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, you’ll know I’m absolutely obsessed with my dungarees at the moment, they are my standard ‘uniform’ at the moment, changing the look by mixing it up with bright coloured and stripy tee’s, plus my fun unicorn print (above!).

Today, I’ve put together a little summer wishlist for some additions to my wardrobe this year. All perfect for British weather, I haven’t gone for anything too light, picking out items that could be layered, as you never do quite know what the weather is going to do!

Helene Burman JacketEmma Dress | Glitter Spot TeeHarbourprint Jersey

Lucky Flatforms | Esme Bag | Prada Sunglasses

I just love some of the designs around this summer, I was absolutely spoilt for choice when I was looking about for this little selection! So I’ll just talk through a few of my choices….  Firstly, I’m in love with Helene Burman jackets this season, ideal for pairing with denim, this stripy jacket adds a chic feel whilst still keeping things casual. Boden have SO many lovely dresses, as per usual – I want them ALL! However this green design caught my eye as something different and a bit unique, the colours remind me of cupcake sprinkles, giving this dress a really fun, cheerful feel. Moving onto the Glitter Spot tee and Harbourprint Jersey, I think these would both look so great with dungarees or cropped jeans, they are the kind of wardrobe staples that could be mixed and matched with different outfits to create multiple different looks!

I’ve been loving my sparkly trainers from Kurt Geiger, and just when I thought they’d created my favourite shoes, they’ve brought out MORE amazing trainers to fall in love with. When I saw these amazing flatforms, my heart literally skipped a beat, they are gorgeous and they took me instantly to the 90’s trend when the Spice Girls wore these the first time round – although I feel a little old seeing the trend come back round for the second time!

Lastly, I added a little treat to my wishlist – who doesn’t need a pair of Prada Sunglasses? I love these sassy cat eye frames. I don’t think I’ll be able to afford them any time soon, but this is a wishlist right. I can wish…

What are you wearing this summer? Do you like what I have chosen? 

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Race Day Styling

I absolutely love a day at the races and I have to say, I haven’t got a clue when it comes to horse racing.  For me, it’s the whole package that makes it such a fun day out. It’s the chance to get dressed up, the glitz, the glamour and of course, who wouldn’t love a WHOLE day of drinking prosecco and eating all the afternoon tea you can manage? I’ve been to the races a couple of times and have always had a wonderful day, so I’m hoping to go back again this summer. The tradition of dressing up for the races actually dates right back to the early 1900’s. Back then, you’d want to be seen in huge hats and even bigger dresses. By the 1950’s this had transformed to flattering cinched waists, polka dot fabrics and straw hats to match (why can’t we be in the 1950’s now?) By the 1980’s things were on the move again, ladies wore flamboyant hats and tight structured dresses to create a sharp silhouette – I’m picturing Madonna in my mind for this one. One thing I’ve noticed is that although the fashions have changed over the years, the tradition of dressing up for the races has stayed the same throughout time. It has always been about the dress and hat combination and I imagine that’ll continue long into the future too.

Calia JacketZahara Tie-Front Shoes | Padua Printed Overlay Dress | Gigi Clutch Bag Mariah Mini Hair Clip

So with race day in mind, I’ve picked out this outfit from Coast for this summers race day. I’ve chose this dress as it’s not only gorgeous (I love the watercolour look, it reminds me of my blog header!) but it’s conservative too. I went to Royal Ascot a couple of years ago and found picking a dress the hardest part, so this year I’m preparing early! Believe it or not, there are some really strict dress code rules for race day. Luckily, Coast have a range of race day dresses and they’ve obviously taken this into consideration as they seem to suit the criteria really well whilst keeping the range stylish too. I just love the sparkly clutch bag and haven’t gone too over the top with this mini-fascinator hair clip.

Are you planning a day at the races this summer? What would you wear? 

Post written in collaboration with Coast, however all words, opinions and choices are my own.
If I don’t love it, I won’t feature it on my blog.