Violet is FOUR!

It feels like only moments ago that I was announcing my pregnancy on this little blog and somehow in the blink of an eye I’m writing about Violet’s FOURTH birthday. I know it’s a cliche and I always start with a ‘where did the time go’ kind of line, but seriously, she’s FOUR – WHERE DID THE TIME GO? I’ve neglected my blog a little bit recently, but I really needed to document this moment and just what a wonderful human being Violet is becoming. I couldn’t be prouder. 

So, FOUR. This birthday has blindsided me as it feels like a huge milestone, which I didn’t expect. In only a few months time I’ll be buying Violet’s first school uniform and waving her off at the school gates for her first day. It just doesn’t feel real and makes me feel so emotional – but she’s ready for school and so excited to learn. 

For Violet’s Fourth birthday we are right in the middle of another lockdown, so we just had a teaparty at home but tried to make it as special as possible for her. She is really into Minnie Mouse at the moment, so I decorated the living room with Minnie Mouse bunting, balloons and decorations, plus V stepped up to the challenge of making another of her showstopper cakes!

We had a lovely afternoon, eating cake, listening to party songs and opening presents. I even tried to play ‘Pass the Parcel’ with the girls, but Pearl was a bit young and didn’t understand why she kept being given a present and it was then taken away! Maybe we will save that one for next year!

Violet’s main birthday present was a Frozen Bike – which she has since been riding every weekend along the seafront. She also got some new clothes, a Polly Pocket, a Slime making kit, puzzles and a few crafty bits too. As we couldn’t see any of our friends and family, quite a few sent vouchers and money in the post which was so sweet – Violet says she’s saving up for a Go Kart! 

Four feels like such a different age. The toddler years are truly over, Violet is a proper little girl who can hold full and interesting conversations, she is intrigued by the world, asks a lot of questions and knows her own mind.

I love spending time with her, we have the best chats and she feels like my little shadow or side-kick as she’s always by my side. She loves being given responsibility, especially as a big sister and will often nurture Pearl in such a loving and grown-up way – it makes me so proud. If Pearl is crying, she’ll cuddle her and say ‘don’t worry, I’ve got you, I’m here for you’.

Violet is super creative – she is often lost in imaginary worlds and games, she also loves to draw, make things and is enjoying learning to write. Our house is FILLED with artwork and every week at nursery we are given a huge pile too!

One of my favourite times with Violet is at bedtime as we have time for a long one-to-one chat. She always asks says ”tell me a story using your mouth” which means one that I’ve made up, she also loves to tell me about her day and says “let’s talk about the evening now”. I want to treasure those moments as I’m sure there’ll be a time she won’t want her Mum asking her all about her day or reading bedtime stories!

The last four years have been a rollercoaster, but I can’t imagine life without Violet by my side. I’m so proud of the sweet, kind, creative little girl is becoming and I can’t wait for the next chapter –  but I’ll brace myself as it’s coming up so FAST and to me, Violet will always be my firstborn baby 💜

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