Blindfolded, by a Dirty Blonde

This week myself and the lovely Lauren from Belle Du Brighton were invited along to a very exciting Blogger dining experience at the newly opened Dirty Blonde bar in Brighton. We were treated to a sumptuous fine dining menu, with a catch! We would be blindfolded, and asked to dine in the dark. The evening would be a ‘Battle of the Bloggers’, where the aim of the game is to guess the ingredients in the dishes we were presented blindly, just from taste and smell alone. I have to admit, I did feel a little nervous about the experience, I just didn’t know what to expect! When I saw Lauren and I had our own little table and we would be blindfolded just during each course, not actually fed by the waiters (apparantly there was talk of actually feeding us….cringe!) I felt more at ease. Plus inbetween dishes we had a good old catch up chat and some wine – which always helps!

Dining in the dark is meant be a sensory experience that highens the senses and allows you to completely re-evaluate the way you taste and smell foods. It’s amazing how much of our opinion on food is put down to how it looks, so with that element out of the way you are able to let your senses take over and experience tasting the dishes using taste and smell alone, it really does make a huge difference, I was really surprised at how difficult it was!

We were presented with 10 tasters from the delicious menu at Dirty Blonde, and given some time between each course to evaluate the flavours and guess the ingredients. Being vegetarian I couldn’t join in with all of the courses but I quite enjoyed this as it gave me an opportunity to watch all the others trying the foods with their blindfolds on, and seeing the reactions – it was really interesting to see. Each dish was presented on a large spoon so it was easy to eat, as I had a sneak peak at the meat dishes I saw that they were presented beautifully with so much thought put into every single mouthful. Some of my favourite dishes included Italian Eggplant, Pomander Walk Polenta Cake and Macaroni Cheese, all made with well known ingredients, however being blindfolded it brought a whole different dimension to the taste and I found each ingredient so hard to pick out. They did however, throw us a couple of curveballs – such as the General Tso’s Sweet and Sour Salmon Rice, which was seasoned with Furi Kaki – I’m sure not many people would ever guess that!

The puddings and cocktails were the part I was looking forward to, I have always had a sweet tooth so was excited to try the Raspberry and Chocolate Mousse (one of the dishes I finally was able to guess correctly!). Guessing the cheeseboard was funny too, Lauren and I guessed cheddar and Edam, however found out they were something a lot more elaborate! The cocktails were strong, more like shots so the spirits were quite identifable, however again without seeing the colour of the drink it was hard to place the well known flavours in my mind, was a really odd feeling. I loved the signature Dirty Blonde cocktail and will be popping back for many more in the future I’m sure.

I had such a lovely time at Dirty Blonde, and would like to thank the team for having us for such a fun evening. The bar is completely revamped and looking so sylish, so please do pop down and check it out soon!

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