LIFE: I’m a Home-owner!

Well, you may have noticed things have been a little quite around here.. Suddenly, out of the blue, our house-sale completed after over 3 months of waiting and before we knew it we were packing boxes and excitedly loading things into the car, on our way to the new place! We celebrated our first night in our new home with a take-away curry (sat on the floor of course), champagne and a night on a blow-up bed in the empty space that will soon become our living room. Robbie came to visit his new home too and immediately took a love to the carpet, rolling around on his back and dive bombing the floor. 
It’s all happened so suddenly, it was so delayed I almost felt like it may never happen and suddenly it’s all go, go, go! We couldn’t plan for it, when you don’t really know what’s happening, you can’t start to pack. We would have been in boxes for three months if we had started back in October! Getting the keys was the most exciting part, signing the paperwork and actually holding the keys to my very own house is such an exciting, amazing feeling. Now the DIY and decorating can begin! Of course I’m sure it’s no surprise to you I’ve been excitedly pinning home decor ideas and DIY hacks… It seems everything I chose falls under the ’50 shades of Greige’ spectrum – that’s our theme at the moment, I love it! ‘Greige’ looks so stylish and minimalistic – I can’t wait to make the place feel like home! Keep your eye out for more ‘home’ related posts and updates soon! 

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