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You might have noticed things have got a little quiet round here. I’m trying my hardest to keep up with my blog, but if you’ve heard my ongoing rants on Twitter, we are currently living in a building site and it’s starting to grate on me now. It’s amazing how having part of your house renovated can totally shift the balance of your life and put everything out of whack. Even though I have access to the Internet, I feel with my house in disarray and my routine is all skewed. With this, my creativity has just dried up and is currently hibernating until it’s all over. With only one thing on my mind, I thought it might be therapeutic to rant here and post some pictures of the MESS progression and hopefully get things flowing again.

So, whats going on? We are currently having our bathroom renovated, and although it looks amazing already, it’s been a big job. It involved having a wall knocked down, our windows changed, our backdoor moved and completely bricked up and then of course the actual bathroom being ripped out and replaced with a gorgeous new shiny suite.

Here are a few of the progression pictures I’ve taken over the last two weeks, these won’t be the glossy, over exposed white tones of classic blog photos, I apologise… welcome to the real world of living in a building site! Sigh….

Bathroom Renovations - We are living in a building site!
The Nearly Before Pictures: these are taken after one days work, our wall had been knocked down and our backdoor removed and blocked in. At this point we *just* about had running water with a working toilet and a shower that pumped out muddy water, it was time to call our friends up and invite ourselves over for a shower!
A couple of days later, we were living with this as a bathroom. The outside wall is being bricked up and inside we are living with no running water, no shower. Just a lowly toilet that had to be ‘manually flushed’ using a bucket of water. Classy. Cue more showers at friends and being at home the least time possible. I think at this point I should also make mention to the DUST. That browny/orange plaster seems to have covered my whole house from top to toe in a fine layer of dust that just won’t go away. No amount of cleaning can save us for the moment. This is bad times.
Then a happy day occurred – Our bathroom arrived, look at Robbie’s little face, he was so excited by all the comings and goings of the delivery men bringing in so many new things and there will be plenty of empty boxes for him to play in and make doggy-forts.

Things seemed to be going well, that was until we realised that Victoria Plum had forgotten to deliver half of our bathroom. Cue multiple phone calls to their helpline, only to be told the items were out of stock. A mini-Twitter rant later and suddenly the items had come into stock and would be delivered the next day. Amazing what the power of social media can do.

And here we are! Things are starting to take shape. I finally have a bathtub, and despite it being a bit chilly by the boarded up window – it does work and I’m already planning to buy ALL THE LUSH BATHBOMBS – starting with the Unicorn Horn, which I have seen all over Instagram!

Next up the builders will be fitting the new window, fitting our huuggeee drench shower, laying down a victorian chequerboard floor and then tiling. Still a LOT of work to go, but the end is in sight…..! I have spent lots of time hiding out in the bedroom, watching movies snuggled on the bed with the puppy. I’ve also taken up crochet again to pass the time, which is really calming, I missed it. We will get there!

If you are interested to see our bathroom designs, my planning post is here.

Have you had any major renovations done recently? Let me know your top survival tips! 

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