Review: Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Range

Just recently I’ve noticed a difference in the way that Violet plays with her toys. As she is 18 months now, she’s started to understand exactly how to play with each toy and what it does, rather than just being attracted to pretty shapes, colours or textures. With the new baby on the horizon this new development has come at the perfect time as toy sets and activities will hold her attention for longer, so she is able to sit and occupy herself for quite a while. I’m sure once little one is here, I’ll have to divide my attention and having her happily playing independently will be so helpful at times!

So, we were recently asked to try two new additions to the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn range, which has been perfect timing for us all as we prepare for the new baby and things around the house have been rather busy! The Laugh and Learn range are both fun but educational toys based on every day familiar objects. Each toy set teaches at different stages which allows the set to grows and develop with your little one too, meaning it’s not something they’ll easily become bored with – there is always something new to see and learn, with songs, colours, catchy phrases to add to the party too!


So, the first toy we tried out was the Laugh & Learn Puppy’s Check-up Kit. This couldn’t be more perfect for Violet as she is absolutely in love with our dog Robbie. She loves dogs and has recently taken to giving him gentle strokes and even cleaning his face and paws with a wet wipe! He hasn’t been well recently so this has been a good toy to teach her about caring for a poorly puppy, although we do encourage her to use the ‘tools’ on the toy puppy – not to chase Robbie round for a real check-up!

The set has three ‘Smart Stage’ levels, which aims to teach little ones parts of the body, colours, healthy habits and more – it even has a setting to teach body parts in French too! At the moment, she loves the songs the most, it has over 60 catchy tunes, although there is one that it plays a LOT – she loves it so much and repeatedly presses the light-up nose and throws her arms up in the air to the beat!

The kit has implements that would be seen in any Doctor or Vets office, they all snap back into place for easy storage so we don’t lose pieces all over the house! Overall, a really sweet little set – perfect for popping in the bottom of the pushchair for some entertainment on the move too.

The Fisher Price Puppy’s Check-up Kit is suitable for ages 18-36 months.

RRP – £16.99 and can be bought from here.


Violet loves to share food with others, so she has loved playing with the Sweet Manners Tea Set too. This cute little pink tea set aims to help toddlers to learn sharing and manners, with a magical light-up teapot to pour tea from, two cups, a spoon and a platter of cakes – there is everything you need for the perfect afternoon tea.

The tea set encourages little ones to pour tea, with bubbly tunes, lights and colours to guide them. The cake tray is also a puzzle with shapes to fit back onto the plate, it keeps Violet busy for hours! Like the Puppy’s Check up Kit, this set also has the three ‘Smart Stage’ levels, teaching little ones advanced shapes, numbers, colours and enhanced vocabulary as your little one grows.

This set really encourages social play, making tea and sharing cakes together – Violet even offers the dog a cake too.

The Fisher Price Sweet Manners Tea Set is suitable for ages 18-36 months.

RRP – £22.99 and can be bought from here.

Overall, we’ve loved the new additions to the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn range – they have really captivated Violet’s imagination, they keep her entertained, laughing and learning – holding her attention for such a long time, which at this busy time has been a lifesaver for us. Watching her sing along and dance to the music is just too cute and when she shares her tea with the dog it’s just so heartwarming too!

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