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If I turn on my laptop or my phone, both are filled with THOUSANDS of photos, capturing every detail of my life – after all that is my job! I just love documenting the girls growing up in every way. The only thing is that all my photos nowadays are digital. I miss those days of taking reels of film to be developed and the surprise when you were handed your wallet of photos you’d NEVER had the chance to see, edit or retake! It makes me wonder, if Instagram suddenly disappeared one day (god forbid!) would all my hard work and efforts to create a beautiful gallery just disappear too? I’ve probably got those photos saved scattered in folders but they’d probably just fade into the thousands of others.

I was keen to get my Instagram photos printed, I even looked into Photo Booth Rental Fort Worth for prints I could keep forever. In the end, I made an order with Squared.One. Using the site was super easy, I was able to connect my account and select the photos I wanted to print, with three sizes to chose from. It was as simple as point and click – I made my order and they arrived quickly too. Whilst I was on the site I ordered a photo magnet too, this is one photos that comes in 9 squares – this is a lovely product, perfect to give as a gift or a simple puzzle to keep little ones occupied too!

Squared.One are a funky, modern photo company – they not only offer prints (which are called ‘retro prints’ which makes me feel old) but photo books, wall art, accessories and more. A fab go to online store to turn digital prints into items to cherish and keep forever.

When my prints arrived, I was surprised to see they’d be organised into little cardboard wallets. This was a really lovely touch as it keeps all my prints protected and together so they don’t get lost in the bottom of a drawer!

Head over to Squared.One to have a look at how you could create special keepsakes of your memories. Also, I’m giving away a $50 voucher to spend on the site to one lucky winner!

Enter below for your chance to win!

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