How to Deal with an Unplanned Pregnancy While in College

The fierce debate over abortion usually focuses on the rights of the mother and the unborn child, and a recent lawsuit filed by an Alabama resident over his girlfriend’s abortion against his will adds a third voice to the debate. The anger gradually subsided, he had a wonderful new family, but behind all this, there is still great sadness, and he probably will always be. This is the voice of men, few of whom can be heard in passionate debates about abortion, and men who have been denied the right to become fathers. The man filed a lawsuit against an abortion clinic in Alabama, where in 2017 his girlfriend against his will had an abortion in the sixth week of pregnancy. The case is the first of its kind, as the court recognized the fetus as the plaintiff and the father as a representative of the interests of the child.

How to Avoid the Problems

The real shock among parents is the news that the student became pregnant at an early age. Such parents forbid their children to communicate with the future mother, and write collective letters to the college to immediately expel the offender. As if pregnancy is a contagious disease that can be transmitted by airborne droplets. It has always been so, not only teenagers were born, but also very young children.

The earliest youth pregnancy in the world was recorded in 1939 when five-year-old Lina Medina from Peru not only bore but also gave birth to a healthy son, for which she entered the Guinness Book of Records. Even creative writing could not make a more unbelievable story.  The fact that the daughter is developing too fast, the mother noticed at three months, five months later the child began menstruating. At the age of 4, the girl had developed ovaries and doctors decided that she had early ovulation and then pregnancy. As a rule, most early pregnancies are unplanned, hence the sad statistics:

  • About 70% of girls decide to have an abortion, often at a later date.
  • In 15% of cases, pregnancy ends in miscarriage.
  • And only 15% of teenage girls become young mothers.

Dealing with Pregnancy Problems at Early Stages

To avoid the problems associated with early pregnancy, you should establish a trusting parent-child relationship, and tell parents about the consequences that may occur during careless sex. It is important to be able to explain to teenagers that early pregnancy, in addition to emotional distress and emotional pain, can lead to serious health problems not only for the mother but also for the baby.

It is very important to conduct sex education lessons, show relevant films, and organize lectures that provide complete information on various methods of contraception. If the problem of early pregnancy has affected your child, do not be indifferent and cruel, because without your help you are unlikely to make the right decision.

It is very important that a pregnant girl receives timely medical care and support. Also, it is important to continue studying, so the best professional writing services can help with this. To do this, you need to contact a women’s clinic as soon as possible, register, and undergo all necessary examinations. It is the doctor who must tell the expectant mother in detail about the processes that take place in her body, and explain how to behave if there are any new unpleasant sensations – such as strange discharge or abdominal pain. Such consultations, constant observation of the obstetrician-gynecologist, a balanced diet, and a proper diet will lead to the birth of a strong and healthy baby. Support and understanding from parents, the child’s father, teachers, and doctors will help increase the chances of a successful birth. In order to prevent possible complications during childbirth, it is recommended to hospitalize the expectant mother in advance in the pathology department of the maternity hospital.

Statistics and Consequences

There are many stories about pregnancy at an early age, each of which hides human destinies, someone became pregnant due to inexperience, someone was subjected to violence or took this step consciously. Statistics show that girls aged 10-13 are increasingly beginning to give birth in the world. In most cases, this is due to ignorance – parents did not take care of and did not have a frank conversation with the teacher at school. And this could not have happened if the girl at least read books or watched movies that talk about the consequences of sexual intercourse.


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