Top Tips for Practising Mindfulness with Your Child

Mindfulness is an untapped area that your child should feel inclined to explore. It’s a big part of helping your child learn to understand themselves better, as well as giving your child the tools to manage their stress. In this guide here are some top tips to manage mindfulness skills in your child as recommended by this grammar school in the UK.

Practice when your child is not stressed

To start off the beginnings of regular mindfulness and stress management, you should focus on these moments when they’re feeling calm and collected. It helps your child remember what they’ve been taught if they’re looking into mindfulness, and saves you a lot of unnecessary stress as well.

Start by discussing their feelings

Mindfulness is a broad way of exploring anyone’s thoughts and feelings. It’s why talking about your child’s emotions is going to be essential to their growth. Ask them about their day, engage in open conversations and make them feel appreciated. At first it’s going to be about how your child is currently managing their feelings. If you give them the time and space to grow, then it’ll be easier to build upon their understanding of mindfulness.

Use mindful stances

As a kid you tend to find your focus isn’t as strong as when you’re older. Sitting down and taking deep breaths will be a lot for a child to focus on, so it’s good to work on ways that help your child grow in a way that suits them. Use superman poses or confidence poses to motivate your child as opposed to the traditional sitting cross-legged on the floor. Give your child the freedom to pick out gestures and motivational techniques to boost their mood.

Give your child the chance to work on solving problems

Being mindful extends beyond the many ways of managing feelings and navigating life. Solving problems also comes into that very heavily, which is why your child should be exploring the different ways of being able to solve issues. Give them a range of issues that they can manually solve without much help from you, which will boost their confidence.

Use a mindfulness jar

Ask your child what they are thankful for each day and add their own positive affirmations to them. After a while you can look at this jar and take a look at the lovely messages you and your child have written in them. To boost the mind your child should feel like they appreciate all around them as well.


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