Weekly Wishes #7

  • Look after my nails! Done! Well, I certainly managed to do this, I had a lovely manicure at the Beauty Shed in Hove and loved the experience. Getting my nails done professionally has been excellent motivation to stop biting. I’ve also kept them in great condition with Body Shop Absinthe Hand Butter all week, by popping the tub on my desk at work so it’s in easy reach. Hopefully if I keep this up it should kick the habit.
  • Go and see the specialist! Done! And I got the all clear, good times! 
  • Read & Relax! Done! I’ve really made an effort with this over the last couple of weeks. At bedtime I light scented candles, put on soothing music and have been reading a lot more. I’ve been sleeping so much better, so it must be working. 
Moving onto my goals for this week…. 
  • Blog every day! As November is my favourite month I’ve taken the challenge to blog everyday, I’ve got loads on so it’s going to be a busy, but amazing month. 
  • Continue on my quest for relaxation! Over the last couple of weeks I’ve grown a new addiction to spa treatments and realised how important it is to make time for myself. This week I’m braving my first ever facial! I’ve always been put off as I wasn’t sure of someone touching my face but I’ve heard they are great, so I’ve treated myself. After this the ‘spa budget’ will have run out so I’ll have to learn some pampering techniques at home……until next time. 
  • Start thinking about Christmas shopping – V-man is so thoughtful when it comes to presents, he researches months in advance what to get people and is super organised. He remembers things from months ago which is really sweet. This year I want to get him something special in return, plus be a little more thoughtful with my families presents too. Can’t believe I’m talking about Christmas, but need to get my thinking cap on! 
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