Haircare: Phil Smith Be Gorgeous – ‘Big it Up!’

I’ve been on a quest for volume for a long time – I’ve tried every ‘volumising’ shampoo there is and have pretty much always been disappointed and resigned to the fact my hair is just flat and lifeles. However…. that was until I discovered this beautiful stuff! The Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Range in ‘Big it up!’ is by far one of the best hair care ranges I’ve used in a long time. This body-building haircare range claims to “recreate the natural body and bounce of thicker hair for ultimate volume fix” and in my opinion it does just that. My hair feels soft and silky but with a really natural bounce to it that makes me want to just wave my head around flicking my hair all day. It’s quite miraculous as my hair actually feels a lot thicker than before, even a day after washing it still doesn’t fall flat.
For the past couple of weeks I’ve been using the Phil Smith range religiously, I use the ‘Big it Up!’ Shampoo and Conditioner, followed by the Volume Boosting Mousse through the roots, I then treat the ends to a pea-sized amount of Thickening cream, which trust me – a little goes a long way! The first time I used this I must admit I did end up with a bit of an 80’s blow dry! The combination of these products together has for the first time given me the bounce and volume I’ve been looking for…. finally! 

You can pick up the entire Phil Smith Range from Sainsburys, prices start from £3.99 but at the moment this range is 50% off at just £1.99 a bottle! Bargain! I’m sold, I’ll be repurchasing this stuff when it runs out, time and time again! 

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