Guilty Pleasures Wednesday

As you know I’m a bit of a planner and a positive thinker, so instead of focusing on the sad aspects of a break-up I’ve been coming up with a little list of things to do now I’m in a different stage of my life, with no one to answer to. It’s pretty liberating to think I really can do what I want to do without thinking of another person, so I’ve made this list of guilty pleasures I can’t wait to do over the next few weeks:
♡ Evenings in with a girly movie, hot chocolate and my new crochet project
♡ Long hot baths with a book, face mask and candles
♡ Getting dressed up then staying out late, drinking and dancing with the girls
♡ Catching up with my friends over dinner, every night of the week
♡ Finally going to the The Strictly Come Dancing Live shows at the o2 
♡ Holding a house party for my friends and making odd cocktails from recipes on Pinterest
♡ Booking trips to Paris and Peru without a second thought and jetting off round the world
♡ Long walks in the countryside with the bloggers, a few outfit shots along the way! 😉
And there will be so many more to come! 
What are your current guilty pleasures? 

*Written in collaboration with Strictly Come Dancing Live Shows at the o2*

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