2014: The ‘Year of the Unicorn’ Round-Up

This time last year, I’d just been through a break up of a 3 year relationship, I was unsure about my future and didn’t have a place to live. I was ‘sofa surfing’ for a bit between friends and my parents and to be honest, life was feeling rather difficult. I called 2014 ‘The Year of the Unicorn’ as I’ve always lived in other people’s shadows and 2014 was my year to shine and be the person I have always wanted to be. I promised myself on 01/01/2014 that I would always be true to myself and courageous enough to do what I wanted without questioning others (or myself). Now we are a year later, I definitely achieved that and have had an amazing year. I found someone new (and amazing), settled into a new flat, took on the best step-doggy in the world and have now put an offer down on my first house. Plus I’ve had some amazing memories, holidays and good times that will last me a lifetime.
Here’s my best bits….


January & February 

Feeling quite stressed with life, and having to think about moving out my flat, Vee took me on a magical break away to London for two nights for a break away from it all. We had cocktails and meals out and as our first ever break away together, spent hours chatting and getting to know each other, it was the best time and just what I needed to clear away those January-blues.

March was a happy and sad time for me, I moved out of my beautiful flat and when my plans fell through, found myself with nowhere to live (again). Vee took me in at this point on a temporary basis until I found somewhere (and I haven’t actually left since then, ha!). All of that was pretty unsettling, but some good things happened, I met my new baby cousin Florence, who is just the cutest and spent lots of time chilling out getting to know Robbie (the black lab) and doing things I love like making a new colourful Granny Stripe crochet blanket which one day will be pride of place in my home. I also went back to blonde after being brunette for the winter… I much prefer it, deep down I’ve always been a blonde!

April & May 
This was the most AMAZING experience of my life, we went away for 3 weeks and travelled all across Peru. We went to all the beautiful cities, Lima, Cusco and Puno as well as taking in some famous sites like Lake Titicaca and staying with a family on a farm (in the middle of nowhere) with no running water and who spoke no English at all. They taught us how to herd sheep and cooked us traditional foods and we got by using sign language and smiling a lot!


Excuse the raincoat and hat – it was COLD! 


We then trekked the Inca Trail where I really faced my fears as we walked at over 4000m above sea level on crocked step pathways into the mountains. My lips went blue, I had altitude sickness but after four of the longest, most challenging days we made it to Machhu Picchu, and it was the best feeling in the world!

You can read more of my Peru adventure here: Lima and NazcaArequipa and Cola CanyonLake TiticacaProving ‘I’m the boss’ on the Inca Trail,



In June things started to settle down at home, we had another really fun weekend in London to see Dolly Parton at the o2 and I went to my first London Pride. Good times!
July was a great month for my blog. I hit the big 1000 followers and went to so many fun blog events like the Brighton OTB night! I love my blog but the best part is all the lovely people I’ve met from it too 🙂
Then, right at the end of July something BIG happened….
We got ENGAGED!!!!!
Another busy month, it all kicked off at the start with colourful Brighton Pride (what I can remember of it?!), the weather was so warm we spent lots of good times in the sunshine on the beach with our little pup and having a cocktail as the sun set. At the end of the month, my lovely friend Dani got married and I was bridesmaid at her wedding, it was a beautiful day.
September was Vee Vee’s birthday so we took a road trip down to Cornwall and stayed at the Haunted Jamaica Inn. No ghostly experiences, but I have to say I was pretty scared….
October was a relatively quiet month (compared to the others!) although we still did some fun things like going to see Lady Gaga at the O2, and getting scared to death at the Tully’s Farm Shocktoberfest. I also got my hair ‘fixed’ as it had turned a weird shade of yellow. Oops.
November brought my birthday (one year left until 30, eep!) and another holiday to the beautiful Cape Verde islands. I made this little Youtube to sum up the holiday, make sure you turn the sound up and have a little dance as you watch! 😉
In the run up to Christmas we took a quick break away to Berlin with a group of friends to visit the beautiful Christmas Markets! We then spent Christmas just at home, having a really quiet one as it was our first Christmas together.
Us at the Berlin Wall
And that was my year! Its been an amazing one, full of fun times (and a few bad), travel and of course, this little pup, who makes life just so happy even on the greyest of days…
What was the highlight of your year?
If you’ve done a ’round-up’ post, leave me your link below!!


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