Robbie’s Christmas Day

Robbie's Christmas Day

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you will know that our dog Robbie is one of my very best friends. He is the first dog I’ve ever owned and since our first day together we’ve been inseparable. I can’t describe the amount happiness he brings into our home. He is so hilariously quirky in his own ways – from the morning when he does his ‘zumba dog’ dance routine as he waits for his breakfast to the evening when he has doggy-dreams, letting out little mini barks, growling and kicking his little legs about – it’s the cutest thing! The rest of the time he can be found stealing bra’s and running around the house with them – which is fine…..until you don’t have guests over!

He always puts a smile on my face and gives me a warm cuddle when I need one too. I don’t know what I would do without him.

As we are going away over Christmas, we recently held a ‘Doggy Christmas Day’, just for him – with matching festive Christmas jumpers, doggy mince pies and all the chew toys he could muster. He had such a great day and was thoroughly spoilt through and through! He is so special to me and he totally deserved to be spoilt Christmas this year (even if it wasn’t on the actual day).

If you fancy spoiling your pet this Christmas too, Petplan are running a fabulous competition at the moment where you can win up to £200 in Zooplus vouchers (plus there are 2nd, 3rd and 4th prizes too!). All you have to do is tweet a picture of your pet and tell them what makes your pet special to you. How super easy is that? Make sure your tweet includes the username @petplanUK and hashtag #PraiseYourPet. I’ve included a bit more info below and I can’t wait to see some of the entries!



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  • Here is ChiChi. I was never a fan of small dogs before we got her. Everyone ends up in love with her as she’s cheeky, funny, naughty and loving 🙂 Her she is checking that her Christmas outfit still fits 🙂

  • this is millie she was abandoned by her owner left her in a crate and didnt feed her . Now she is with us happy here

  • toby my cat is so funny he has his own teddy bear he talks to and he carries it from room to room rooting it and sucking it

  • Ive actually taught my dog to close the doors Im now just waiting for him to immediately close the doors after himself with being told lol

  • Henry is the best companion, he makes us laugh every day as he is always up to something daft, he loves to go long distance running with my husband but he also likes to come home and gives the best cuddles ever. You cant feel sad with Henry as he just cheers you up no end

  • My Indy Cat is such a joy! I got him for my birthday last year and named him Indy because he was born on Independence day. He makes me so happy as I suffer from stress, depression and anxiety and he has helped me massively and is my best friend.

  • My boy Diesel is very intelligent.. As you can see. He drives his mum (in the photo at the back) crazy and i just adore them both. He loves to be dressed up and has the most hilarious personality!! They deserve all the treats in the world!

  • My tortoisr called rocket, he has fell in love with my garden mole x bless him he is only 6 years old x

  • Our little Roxy is so special to us because as we have retired now she really looks after us, and she is the reason we get out and about more @petplanUK #PraiseYourPet we #love her so much x

  • Missie has brought great joy to my life. She is my loyal companion and best friend and gets me out and about. I’m sure she believes she is human and is hilarious with the things she does that gets her into trouble every time #PraiseYourPet @petplanUK

  • @petplanUK #PraiseYourPet she had a rough start in life and we were told not to take her on as she was never going to trust ,but shes so happy now she gives head hugs and they are the best hugs EVER