Wagglepets Pupdate – Robbie gets a new coat, plays in the snow and gets very muddy

Robbie Update

It’s been a busy old month for this mucky little pup. Not only has he had some awesome long walks in the countryside, he has also been spoilt rotten with stacks of food, treats and toys… and we bought his first ever coat. He is one spoilt little piglet, but I wouldn’t have him any other way. Plus, he’s been in a bit of a grump all of this month as he finally has been banned from sleeping on the bed after he kept us awake all night wiggling, tossing and turning. Plus he snores. He had to go…

Here are Robbie’s highlights of the month:


Snowy Walks

Being on the South coast, we didn’t get much snow but we still made the most of it by going for a long walk across Stanmer Park (finishing off in the pub for a roast, of course!). Robbie was hilarious, he wouldn’t pick up his ball as he didn’t want to get a cold nose, so would delicately try and pick it up, avoiding as much snow as possible. As the snow melted he got covered in slushy mud and made a total mess of the car.

Wagglepets Box


Robbie received the second instalment of his Wagglepets subscription box. This one was even better than the first as there was a good variety of treats plus useful things like poo bags. He absolutely loves the Eco-friendly dog ball on a rope, we have been playing tug most evenings. He received another MASSIVE bag of RSPCA senior food, which is just perfect for him and is keeping him in shape. Since he started his Wagglepets subscription, the healthy food, natural treats and fitness tracker combined has helped him shift a few extra pounds – already he’s in great shape with a lovely glossy coat too.


“Mummy, Can I play with my ball now?” 


Robbie helped out one of his Instagram friends from across the pond – Dustylynn is a labrador in America who has recently had a nasty spinal injury. They’ve been online pals for a while so of course Robbie just had to help a friend in need. She is currently selling socks with her gorgeous picture on, to help pay for her treatment and rehabilitation, so we ordered a pair. They took a couple of weeks to get to us, but he finally received his Dusty Lynn socks and is posing proudly with them and sending best wishes to Dustylynn for her treatment.


New Coat

Lastly, Robbie got his first coat – doesn’t he look dapper? It took him a little while to get used to, but I’m sure he’s grateful for it now the temperature has dropped. It has already saved him from getting soaked when we walked along the undercliff walk and had to dodge the massive waves crashing over onto the walkway.

That’s it for another month –  For hilarious pupdates, cute photos and more you can follow Robbie’s adventures on his Instagram here.

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