A surprise evening on the BlueBell Railway


A couple of weeks ago, I was taken on a very exciting outing. After winning the 30plus award, I couldn’t imagine my week could get any better, but little did I know, V had a suprise adventure up her sleeve to celebrate! I’m a lucky girl, it was totally unexpected and a really lovely gesture. I admit, I have been totally spoilt over the last couple of weeks. All I was told is that I needed to wear something smart, glam up and that my surprise would be something I’ve wanted to do for ages. Eek, exciting! What could it be? Full of excitement and anticipation, we got into the car and headed through endless winding country roads, I still had no clue as to where we were going and the sat nav seemed to be taking us to the middle of nowhere! We eventually pulled up at Sheffield Park Railway Station and I realised we were at the starting point for the famous Bluebell Railway line.

So, here are some pictures from our lovely evening on the Golden Arrow Steam Train dining experience. It was the most beautiful evening – we boarded the luxurious 1920’s Pullman train, drank wine and watched the sunset over the Sussex countryside. It was just perfect!

bluebell2 bluebell3



P7301915 P7301935 P7301955 P7301937







A massive thank you to V for taking me on such an amazing adventure on the Bluebell Railway, I loved every moment, it’s one I will never forget!



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  • This is really lovely, such a nice gesture. V is wonderful.
    It’s something I would love to do with my husband as we’ve meet in a train, but never got the chance to do it.

  • I really enjoyed this blog. Looks like such a good time was had. I must go myself some day. Thank you for sharing. Keep up the great work x