That Pregnancy Glow

One thing that has really boosted my spirits through this pregnancy is all the lovely compliments that have received along the way from the people around me. Everyone keeps saying I’m glowing, radiant and full of life and it gives me such a boost as trust me, I don’t feel like it all the time!  Of course, it’s lovely to hear and keeps me going when things get rough. I personally don’t think I have that pregnancy glow all the time – I also see eyebags, swollen areas (in places I didn’t could swell) and an ever growing, morphing body, but, I have tried my very best to look after myself throughout the pregnancy. I think if I am not happy and healthy, how can I grow a happy and healthy human being inside me? That includes looking after everything including mind, body and spirit as it all counts. So, here are a few tips for how I’ve kept my so-called pregnancy glow, even when I’m feeling at my worst.


This one hasn’t come easily to me, but I’ve had to make an actual effort to get a good nights sleep, the main change has been putting my phone down in the evening and reading a book. I also realised that all my birthing and childcare books were just stimulating my mind, making me lay awake at night considering water births, epidurals, sleep routines, baby led weaning… you name it, I’ve pondered it! I ditched everything and bought myself a fiction book – right now I’m reading The Muse by Jessie Burton and I’ve never slept better. Ditch the tech and anything that will make your mind whir in bed. I also wrote a few more tips here.


Amazingly, I’ve managed to avoid most colds and bugs this winter (TOUCH WOOD!). Vee has been quite poorly, with three really nasty colds and although I’ve been around her 24/7, I managed to avoid catching them. My iron levels have also been great at every midwife check and I was worried about this, being a vegetarian. I honestly put all of this down to the pregnancy supplements I’ve been taking – they are just amazing and have really helped me though. The main supplements I’ve been taking are:

  • Pregnacare During Pregnacy – I also took the pre-conception version for months beforehand so I’ve taken these daily for around a year now. I think these give me my great iron levels, they are also full of folic acid which is essential for babies development.
  • Bump & Glory Omega 3 Fish Oil  – Perfect for babies development, it helps develop a healthy brain, eyes and nervous system – plus it keeps my joints and skin healthy too. Win/Win – right?  Plus, these don’t taste/smell fishy AT ALL, they actually have Sicilian Lemon Oil infused to take away any last fishy whiffs or tastes. Phew.
  • Just for Tummies – Live Bacteria – One area I have suffered with is an extra sensitive dodgy tummy, especially when I’ve been abroad and the smallest change has made me quite sick.  Since taking these live bacteria tablets, my tummy has been so much more settled, plus I’m not sure if it’s related but my acid reflux has reduced considerably too.

Pregnancy Supplements and Skincare


I am planning to do Hypnobirthing, so I’ve been using a few of the tecniques as a practice now which has been perfect for calming myself when I start to feel a bit anxious about the birth. I’ve heard really great things about Hypnobirthing and start our course this week, so I’ll fill you in with a few more details once I’ve had the lessons!


It’s important when you are pregnant to keep extra hydrated at all times. I’ve been shocked as to how much extra water I’ve needed, it feels like I’m thirsty all the time, but I’ve had it checked and that is normal. As I get bored with water, I’ve been trying every herbal tea under the sun and now I’m 34+ weeks I’m now slowly introducing the infamous Raspberry Leaf Tea into my repertoire, this is supposed to help labour , not by bringing it on but by making it faster when it eventually happens. We shall see, it’s worth a go, plus it tastes lovely so, why not. (Just a little disclaimer here – don’t try this tea without speaking to your midwife first!)

Getting that Pregnancy Glow


Lastly, I have tried my best to look after my body, allowing it to grow and nourishing it the best way possible. I moisturise my bump twice a day and haven’t got a stretch mark….. yet, eek!  Plus, I find it a lovely thing to do before bed, often baby peaches will kick as I massage my bump, so it’s lovely for bonding and relaxing too. I have recently been trying the pregnancy range from Mustela, I absolutely love the ‘Light Legs Gel‘ as I’ve been getting restless leg syndrome during the night, so this really helps ease things.

Getting that Pregnancy Glow

So, these are my top tips! Pregnancy hasn’t been easy for me, but I do think there are things you can do to take the strain off and look after yourself along the way, so give these techniques a go!


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Post contains PR samples from Bump & Glory, Just for Tummies & Mustela, however all thoughts and opinions are my own



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