Violet’s Water babies Underwater Photoshoot – our photos revealed!

Water Babies Underwater Photoshoot

Last week a very exciting parcel arrived through the door –  inside was an intriguing little box with a USB stick shaped as an Otter with a camera. Plugging our little otter into my laptop the images from our Water Babies Underwater Photoshoot flashed up onto the screen – the images I’d eagerly been awaiting since our shoot a few weeks ago!

As you’ll know we all really enjoyed Water babies Chapter 1 and the big finale to our first term was the underwater photoshoot. As Violet was a bit unsettled with underwater swimming at first, I didn’t know if she was going to want to do the photoshoot (and if she didn’t I wouldn’t have pushed her) but throughout the term we worked on getting her used to the underwater swims, so when the big day finally came she was able to take it all in her stride. She didn’t cry or grizzle at all – in fact she was so intrigued by her new surroundings and all the photography equipment!

The underwater swim is just like an extra lesson of Water Babies, you sing the same songs and do the same activities as a lesson so it feels really familiar to the little ones. Then each baby goes up for their photos. Each ‘dunk’ seemed longer than I was used to but I think whenever your little one goes under the water you feel on edge, it’s only natural! We also had the chance to have a photo together which I thought was a lovely touch!

Here is a little video of us having our snaps taken:

And here they are…..

Water Babies Underwater PhotoshootWater Babies Underwater Photoshoot Water Babies Underwater Photoshoot

Overall, we were quite pleased with our photos although I do think they aren’t the very best angles but seeing as Violet really didn’t take to swimming underwater I think she did really well, plus babies always look a bit different having their picture taken under the water.

I know in our Water Babies class some of the parents were in two minds about the under water shoot, but I’d recommend going along and having a go! There is no pressure to buy the photos, so there is no harm in trying it and seeing if you like the photos later on. Water babies sell all kinds of gifts with the photos on, but we just stuck to digital prints, I think I’ll save the underwater baby snow globe for another day! 🙂

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