Take a first peek at the new shopDisney Frozen II range!

Post contains PR samples – we were kindly sent these products from shopDisney, all words, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Eeek! I am so excited to finally share this post with you – it’s one of the most exciting posts I’ve written in a LONG time with some of the cutest photos ever! I just couldn’t wait to share it and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Earlier this week a large cardboard box plonked onto our doorstep labeled shopDisney and my heart just sung! I knew the girls would be SO excited at this magical box so we couldn’t wait to rip it open and see what was inside! With much anticipation, we peeped inside and saw the most gorgeous selection of shopDisney Frozen II goodies for the girls to enjoy, including dresses for the girls, toys and accessories, which the team had sent out to celebrate the release of the new movie on 22nd November 2019. So, how better to enjoy their new toys but to throw a Frozen tea party!

We set up a fluffy, snowy white blanket and had tea and cake for their new friends, Sven the reindeer, Elsa, singing Anna and Olaf, whilst songs from the movie played in the background. It was the perfect snowy tea party and they were in their element playing so nicely together, exploring their new toys, making new friends and role playing the characters.

For our Frozen tea party, Violet wore the Elsa Travel Costume which is so beautifully made with so much attention to detail, the material is gorgeous with beautiful sequins and embellishments for that princess feel, with the cape at the back, Violet twirled around until she was dizzy, swishing around the room and pretending to create ice magic like Elsa would. She also loved the Elsa Wig, which is thick, glossy, glittery hair with stars woven into the typical Elsa plait. I thought this would be a big on Violet’s head but she seemed to wear it comfortably with room to grow into. Funny enough it’s the same colour as Violet’s hair naturally so it suits her quite well!

Pearl also dressed in an Elsa dress hers is more of a party dress than a costume, a sweet little dress covered top to toe in glittery sequins and tulle. She looked so cute toddling about with her little skirt and she took to the fluffy Crossbody bag immediately, strutting about the room with her bag which was nearly as big as her!

They really got into character, Violet especially – feeding each new friend tea and cake and reciting her favourite lines from the movie. Frozen is the first movie they’ve really got into and I feel like it’s really brought them together as usually their interests can be quite opposite! Sometimes they remind me of mini versions of Elsa and Anna!

We’ve been so impressed with the shopDisney Frozen II range, there are a wide range of toys, dresses and accessories that suit all ages which are being released alongside the new Frozen II movie, which make the perfect Christmas present for all little Frozen fans out there. I just know the girls will play with their Frozen II toys for months or years to come and they’ll last really well. All of the items we were sent were so clearly made to a high standard with the best quality materials. One thing we did notice was that the outfits came up quite small so if you are buying for your little ones – I would recommend getting a size bigger than they’d usually wear.

The new Frozen II movie is released on 22nd November and the girls can’t wait to dress up to go to see it – it’ll be their first cinema experience too!

You can shop the entire shopDisney Frozen 2 range here.

Post contains PR samples – we were kindly sent these products from shopDisney, all words, thoughts and opinions are my own.

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