How To Bring Spring Into Your Wardrobe

It might be cool in the mornings, but we are getting ever closer to spring and who wants to spend a minute longer than necessary wrapped up in bulky winter coats and woollen hats and scarves?

Here, we are going to look at how to gradually increase the amount of bare-leg exposure and how to switch up your coat for the sudden temperature increases and a few other ways you can switch your wardrobe into spring mode now.   Some of these changes involve pieces that you will have lying around at the back of your wardrobe, and some will involve picking up some budget-friendly pieces. 

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Swap: Hats for hairbands

Is your head getting too hot for a hat, but you are not ready to leave the hair completely exposed? Add a hairband! No longer the international symbol of little girls all over the world, this simple and budget-friendly accessory can really give a whole new look to an outfit.

Swap: Tights for longer hemlines and boots

Does the thought of packing away those 100 denier naval warming tights fill you with dread? Fear not. You do not have to have expose all of your legs just yet. Instead, opt for longer hemlines – midi skirts and dresses are bang on trend at the moment, particularly if paired with boots. Opt for pleated styles which suit almost everyone and pair with a long-sleeved body or polo neck jumper tucked in to ramp up the elegance.

Swap: Heavy sweaters for layers

You know what spring is like. It is freezing in the morning, so you pop on that chunky sweater but by noon, you are a hot sweaty mess, but can’t take your sweater off. Overcome that by layering it up. Start off with spaghetti strap tank tops – they are always ideal as a ‘base’ layer, then layer the rest over the top. As the temperature rises, you can take off layers as appropriate.

Swap: Puffa coats for trench coats

Trench coats will never go out of style. They suit almost every shape and can be worn with jeans and pumps or with a sparkly cocktail dress. They are also heavy enough to keep out the chills and keep you dry in the inevitable April showers but are lightweight enough to throw over your arm on a warmer day. 

Swap: Deep colours for pastel colours

There is nothing that says ‘spring is here’ quite like swapping to a lighter, pastel colour palette, especially as they are set to be a key look for spring/summer 2020. Pack away those deep, rich plums and navy, and bring out the pale pastels. If going head to toe pastel is a bit daunting, incorporate it into your makeup or nails.

Swap: leopard print for polka dot

Leopard print will always be a classic, but the naturally dark tones mean it lends itself to an autumn/winter wardrobe. If you are a lover of bold patterns, switch to a cute polka dot for the warmer months.

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