Review: Peppa Pig Wooden Toys


If you’ve got a toddler, you’ll know the Peppa pig theme tune off by heart! You are singing it in your head now, right? I cannot count the number of times I’ve heard it in my life, it’s a fair few as both of my girls just LOVE Peppa Pig, they can’t get enough! We must have seen every episode and watched them all again and again – haven’t we all? There is just something magical about that program that little ones love and parents as that little pig has allowed me to have many a hot coffee too!

So, today I wanted to introduce to the brand new Peppa Pig Wooden Toy Range.

We were kindly sent the Wooden Car and Wooden Aeroplane set to try out. On first impressions, I thought they were really well crafted, made from high-quality wood, with a smooth, soft finish. The colours are also everso slightly muted, which is great as they aren’t too brash and fit nicely into our living space. I often think toddler toys can be so bright and garish which can make our living room look more like a nursery than an adult space.

I have been trying to avoid plastic where possible and making some eco-friendly swaps, so knowing these toys are a more sustainable option is great too. They are made from environmentally responsible FSC Certified Wood with reduced packaging. The cardboard packaging they came in was all able to go into the recycle bin which is great as so many toys arrive in tons of plastic packaging!

Pearl really took to the Aeroplane set – the set comes with a Wooden Miss Rabbit figurine and two suitcases. Pearl loved bouncing Miss Rabbit up the little steps to the aeroplane, closing the door and whizzing the plane into the air shouting ‘copter, copter!’ (she hasn’t mastered the word for aeroplane yet so everything is ‘copter’). The aeroplane can then land back down on its wooden wheels and roll along the ground. There are little indents where you can fit the characters (which is also great for hand-eye coordination) and little ones can place all their favourite Peppa friends inside and take them on a journey somewhere magical!

Violet loved Peppa’s Wooden Red car, wheeling it all around the room going ‘vroom, vroom’ and creating stories about where Peppa would be going. This set comes with a Peppa Pig figurine but the car has room for all the family – so as your little one’s collection grows you can fill the car with the entire family!

We have really enjoyed playing with our new Wooden Peppa pig toys and would love to collect the whole range! The range includes all the characters, plus fun pieces like Grandpa pigs boat and the classroom – there is even a stunning Wooden Peppa pig house too!

The range is suitable for children 2 years old and over.

You can order the range online from Amazon.


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