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5 Top Things to do in Krakow Poland

A few weeks ago, I joined one of my besties Rachael for her hen do in a surprise location. She eagerly boarded the flight with no idea of where we…

Christmas on the Nile – Part 2 – Nile Cruising and Karnak

Oh, to be back floating along the Nile. It was just bliss and one of the most beautiful places in the world. I just long to feel the warm sun…

Afternoon Tea at Angelina Paris

Now we are into the new year and back to work, it feels like quite a while since our trip to Paris however I’m still thinking about it for many…

TRAVEL: #5SensesofTurkey Part 3 – Traditional Turkish Bath & Exploring the Markets

I can’t believe it’s been nearly 6 weeks since our trip to Turkey. It’s been a while but the memories of our beautiful holiday stay with me and I long…

TRAVEL: #5SensesofTurkey Part 2 – Across River and Sea

Aah, how I wish to be back in beautiful Turkey. It’s cold and grey at home so putting this post together really brought back some happy memories of sunshine and…