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Whats on my Bedside Table: Pregnancy Edition

I’ve been a bit wrapped up with everything pregnancy and babies recently on the blog, so I thought I’d post something slightly different for today. Going back to my roots,…

A Second Baby: My Hopes and Fears

I feel like my two pregnancies have been different in so many ways. I’ve had completely different symptoms and the biggest change has been how I’ve been feeling emotionally. I…

Pregnancy #2: Our gender reveal

When it comes to finding out the babies gender, I am the MOST impatient person in the world. People say to me ‘don’t you fancy having a surprise?’ but the organiser…

Pregnancy #2: First Trimester

When my pregnancy app flagged up a notification saying ‘Welcome to the Second Trimester!’ I had to do a double take. HOW are we in the second trimester already? It…

Life is Peachy: Baby Scans and Birthday Parties

Hello! We are currently on the M4 on the way home from Gloucestershire so I thought I’d drop in with a quick life update with everything we have been up…