Weekly Wishes #1

Ok, so I’m super, super late with this, but I’ve just stumbled across an awesome blog, The Nectar Collective, where I found a really cool link-up I just had to be part of. I bring you Weekly Wishes #1, a post to set goals for the week, meet other bloggers from around the world and share aspirations and motivation. It’s better late than never, so I’m going to join in, however next week I will be on time, I promise! 🙂

So, my goals for the moment are:

  • Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming! Yesterday I had a little revelation, since being poorly my lungs have been tight and wheezy all the time. I’ve not been able to do any exercise at all, however yesterday I tried swimming and it was a huge success! I realised that swimming really helped my lungs. I felt relaxed, weightless and for once not wheezing at all. It has really helped and was nice to do a bit of low intensity exercise. I plan to go every other day to try and help recoup my fitness and hopefully it’ll help my recovery too. 
  • Be more organised! At the moment I seem to just be blogging randomly when the mood strikes me, however I’ve got lots of products to review, things I want to share and I’m now part of two linkies (this, and the week that was instagrammed) so I think it’s time to get a bit more organised. I also could use this time off work to schedule some posts for the future ready for when I start working longer hours and am not around so much. 
  • Finish my first crochet cowl and blog the pattern! Although I don’t want to accept it, it’ll soon be scarf weather so I’m being super prepared and starting to make my own winter accessories this year! I’m making a simple chunky grey cowl to start with, then I might make something a bit more complicated. Vince has asked me to make his scarf for this year so I think I’ll be super busy. 
  • Start to organise the first Bitch & Stitch meeting! I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but since being poorly it’s had to go on hold. Now I’m on the mend I think it’s time to get planning for the first Brighton Bitch & Stitch meeting (if you are interested in coming, drop me a line!) Luckily I’ve taken on a co-organiser, the lovely Fifi from FifiMcGee so we need to have a good old chinwag and come up with some plans to get it all going, exciting! 
What are your goals for the week?

If you fancy linking up, check out the Nectar Collective (she has a pretty cool blog too):

Good luck!

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