5 Reasons to Visit Mauritius

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Right, it’s time to get our dreaming, wunderlust heads on. Today I’m in the mood for a spot of travel inspiration, so thought I’d chat about the next destination on my bucket list, Mauritius. Sadly, I haven’t managed to get there yet, although secretly I have been saving it for a special holiday, like a honeymoon or to celebrate a big birthday. So, as 2017 is going to be a big year for us, maybe it might be the right time to go….  We shall see!

That doesn’t stop me planning though. One of my favourite things to do is to loose myself on Pinterest on the travel boards. Pinning my top travel destinations, so when it comes to the day I book my dream holiday,  I know exactly what the best things are to see and do.

So after an avid pinning session over the weekend,  here are my top reasons you need to visit Mauritius…. NOW! (and take me in your suitcase, obviously.)

Beautiful Beaches

Whenever I think of Mauritius, my first thoughts are always the beautiful beaches. The soft, white sand with the tranquil turquoise lagoon waters makes Mauritius the perfect postcard destination. With over 160km of stunning coastline including a calm lagoon mainly encircled in colourful coral reef, Mauritius’ beaches  are often found on the ‘best beaches in the world’ lists across various publications.  However, there is so much more to this beautiful island… if just chilling on the beach for a week isn’t you thing, don’t worry, you’ll have so much more to see and do.

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Sugar, Rum and Tea

I love finding out about the history of a destination, so I would love to explore Mauritius’ rich cultural history.  In the 1700’s, the sugar cane industry began and became one of the main exports. Nowadays, although it’s not the main industry you can still see how sugar cane is grown and try some of the many by-products created, the most popular being Rum. Watch the sugar being crushed and distilled and of course, try the speciality Rum.

The tea route is also a popular route to take, I can’t wait to try Mauritian Vanilla Tea, it sounds delicious and is supposed to be one of the world’s best.

Hiking and Exploring

Mauritius being a volcanic island has some of the most breathtaking scenery, from mountains to rivers to forests and more. The best way to properly explore is on foot, or if it’s your thing zip wire is an option too. With several National Parks the island is a true wildlife sanctuary, with the parks and reserves filled with beautiful, colourful birds plus over 700 species of indigenous plants.

I would absolutely love to visit Tamarind Falls, the highest waterfall in Mauritius with a drop of over 300m, it looks just stunning!

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Scouring the food markets

Whenever I go on holiday, I always have to scour the local food market, trying as many different foods along the way as I can. It’s a sensory overload, with a blast of colours, tastes, smells and sounds which in every place are totally unique. Port-Louis has a large vegetable market. I also want to try the locals favourite street food choice, Dholl Puri.

Go Dolphin Spotting

One of my lifelong dreams is to go dolphin and whale spotting. I’m not keen on the dolphin ‘experiences’ where you can swim with dolphins in captivity, so I’d rather get out on a boat and see the dolphins in their natural habitat. Mauritius is one of the best place to do just this, the crystal clear waters are just the perfect place to do it, remind me to pack the seasickness tablets though, I heard it can get a bit choppy!

Aaah, Mauritius. Doesn’t it just sound perfect! I’ll visit one day, I’m sure. 

Post written in collaboration with Mauritius 365

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  • It really is as good as it looks! We were super blessed to head out there in February of this year…I can’t begin to describe it! In fact…I’ve still got a gazillion photos that I need to blog 🙂 The snorkelling was incredible – like being in a tropical fish tank! I highly recommend! 🙂 xx