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Robbie Takeover: #CarpetCamouflage with Carpetright

Today on the blog, I have a lighthearted post for you, plus LOTS of photos of the star of my blog, Robbie! We were recently contacted by Carpetright, who asked…

Pupdate: Robbie gets protective

They say that dogs can sense when you are pregnant or poorly, so naturally, I was really interested to see how Robbie would react to me and our big news.…

Robbie has a BIG announcement…..

  This has got to be the most long-awaited, emotional blog posts I’ve ever written. I’ve been wanting to write these words for SO LONG and today is finally our day,…

How to keep your house clean when you own a dog

So, I’ve been talking a lot about our house at the moment haven’t I? Did you see our Living Room Tour? Our house truly is our pride and joy at…