Bellybuds Review - The sound system for the womb!

Anyone who knows me well, will know I love my gadgets, so when I found there are products you can get for your baby before they are born, I knew just had to give them a try. I had heard babies are soothed by their mothers voices and music so I wanted to give this a try although I wasn’t sure how. So, when I found BellyBuds, I know it was the product for me.


They say a baby’s hearing is fully developed at about 20 weeks and that memories start at 30.  Studies into this are inconclusive so far – some studies believe that if you play music to your baby it can make them smarter, some that believe they may recognise the songs and feel relaxed by the same music on the outside of the womb. One study even says that babies are calmed, soothed and even breath in time to music they enjoy. As there is no way to actually prove this, my post is based on my experience and opinion alone. My logic is that it can’t hurt if the music is played safely, it’s relaxing and if it helps bonding time with baby, it’s worth a go.


Bellybuds are a specialised speaker system that gently adheres to your bump, allowing you to safely play sound directly to the womb. The little green speakers fit nicely around your tummy, you can either use the sticky pads included, or like me – I just tuck the speakers into the band of my PJ’s (as I always use my Bellybuds at night when I get into bed) –  you then connect the speakers to your phone, just as you would with headphones and play music. There is a two-way adapter included so you can plug in your headphones too and listen in on what your baby is listening to as well.

Also included with Bellybuds is the WavHello app,  where you and your partner, family or friends can record messages, upload music, create playlists and or even sing (although I’ve not had any volunteers for this yet!)  – they can also send favourite songs, lullabies and nursery rhymes that you can share with your baby by playing your collection through your BellyBuds.

Bellybuds Review - The sound system for the womb!


When I first received my Bellybuds, I was initially worried about the safety of the product, would the baby actually like me pumping music into her quiet cosy space or would she just be aggravated, deafened or overstimulated? Before using the product I scoured the packaging to ensure I was using it within the safety guidelines. I was pleased to see there is a switch actually on the speakers that lets you chose either ‘pre-natal’ or ‘post-natal’ – by selecting pre-natal, you can ensure the headphones are limited to a volume safe for your baby.

To avoid overstimulation, I also only use my Bellybuds for 30 minutes at a time, usually in bed whilst I’m reading before sleep.


I’ve been using Bellybuds for around 5 weeks now. I started at 18 weeks (the earliest they recommend you use them) and didn’t get too much of a reaction, but as the weeks have gone on and baby has got bigger I now know how she’ll react to the music. I absolutely love using this time to bond, as she always goes mad kicking away and wiggling around. I mainly play her soothing songs (there are loads of pregnancy music playlists on Youtube!) plus I’ve been playing her Mozart too (you never know, we could have a case of the Mozart effect, it’s worth a try!) We have thrown a bit of Madonna in there for good measure – of course! I definitely think she can hear the pace of the music, when something is calmer, I get slower movements and big kicks that are really spaced out. If the music is faster, her movements will be faster too.

Bellybuds have really helped Vee to bond as well, with my anterior placenta it took me a while to feel kicks, let alone Vee feeling them on the outside. I would spend ages getting her to put her hands around my tummy but whenever we would do that, the baby would go quiet – typical! Now, when we use the Bellybuds, we know we’ll get some movement and Vee always feels it too. It’s nice to know that using this makes me get a reaction, if we are ever worried about reduced movements, this can be an option as a first port of call (although if this happens to you obviously please do see a Dr/midwife too).  I have even heard Bellybuds have been used to turn breech babies too.

So, I can’t say that Bellybuds work 100% scientifically, but for me each piece of music gets a different reaction, so I know our baby is hearing the music and reacting in some way. It’s really helped us to relax and bond with her, plus hopefully the songs she’s heard will comfort her ‘on the outside’ too, but I’ll have to report back about that!

Bellybuds Review - The sound system for the womb!

You can buy Bellybuds online, priced at £49.99.

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Post written in collaboration with Bellybuds – all opinions are my own

A good pair of winter boots (+ a giveaway to win a pair too!)

One of my winter wardrobe staples is always a good pair of boots. Once I’ve found my perfect pair, I’ll wear them every day – with thick tights and knits, paired with skinny jeans – they have to go with everything as they are in for the long haul with me. Finding the perfect pair is always such a tricky task, they need to be simple in design so they go with everything but stylish too, of course. Plus this year I added another complication as by the time we reach December and January time, I’ll be 7-8 months pregnant, so I needed to be sensible and consider things like a sturdy grip and not too much of a heel. I’m sure I’ll be wobbly enough on my feet with a belly the size of a large watermelon!

Just as I was pondering my winter boot choices, I was contacted by a dutch brand called Wolkyshop. Immediately, I thought that was quite a bizarre name for a brand, but it turns out ‘wolky’ means ‘cloud’ in dutch, so their strapline is that their shoes are like walking on air – makes sense now!

I looked up their AW range and was really taken by their style. The have some really lovely choices, many of which seemed to fit the bill as a slightly more ‘sensible’ boot than my usual choice (although they do have less sensible choices too!). All of their boots are handmade and include removable anatomically shaped footbeds which mould to the foot with an extra layer of memory foam, plus a luxurious warm, leather lining.  I’m going to need all the comfort I can get, so they ticked every box. After much deliberation –  I decided to order the Arriba CW in black oiled leather and since they arrived, I think I’ve worn them nearly every day!

A good pair of winter boots (+ a giveaway to win a pair too!)

A good pair of winter boots (+ a giveaway to win a pair too!)

When my boots arrived, I excitedly tried them on. I could instantly tell they are a well-made high quality pair of boots and that they are going to last the winter. The soles are so sturdy with excellent grip, they are exactly what I was hoping for as I’m terrified of slipping over with a giant bump, so I’m hoping they’ll keep me nice and safe! Inside the boot is cold winter warm lining, which is like a soft fluffy texture, they are just dreamy to wear – so warm and snuggly with the softest of inner soles. I can’t imagine being uncomfortable in them at all! I’ve since worn them quite a few times, for long periods of time at work, walking around the shops and on dog walks and they are just so comfortable and perfect for me.

Overall, I’m really impressed with my first pair of boots from Wolkyshop – I have to say they aren’t a brand I’d heard of before, but they have just opened a shop in Brighton (on Bond Street) so I think they’ll be my first port of call when it comes to my boots next year too. I’d highly recommend them if you in Brighton, or you can also order online too.

Plus, if you’d like to win a pair, enter my giveaway below to win a pair of your choice from the Autumn/Winter collection…..

A good pair of winter boots (+ a giveaway to win a pair too!)


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A good pair of winter boots (+ a giveaway to win a pair too!)

P.S – I just had to include this picture of Robbie! He was posing as we were taking the photos for this post, so he just had to be featured too!

Post written in collaboration with Wolkyshop

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Spiralizing made simple - The Kenwood Electric Spiralizer

I’ve been a big fan of spiralized food for about a year now. Last year, in the midst of a summer health kick, we went out and bought a manual spiralizer and went through a phase of spiralizing pretty much every vegetable in the fridge. However, we soon found this set up was pretty time consuming –  laboriously turning the handle, plus the clean-up operation was pretty horrific too. So, after the novelty wore off, our spiralizer has sat in it’s box for the last 6 months, barely seeing the light of day as I just don’t have the time to use it. So, when Debenhams got in touch and asked me if I’d like to try the brand new Kenwood Electric Spiralizer I certainly said a big ‘YES‘ as then I would have no excuse but to use it and get back into healthier ways.

Spiralizing made simple - The Kenwood Electric Spiralizer

I wasn’t quite sure what an electric spirazliser would look like, our previous one resembled a victorian mangle, so I was pleasantly surprised to see the design is pretty standard for a kitchen appliance, with only a few pieces to slot together and not too daunting to use either. The Spiralizer comes with two size settings to make either spaghetti or parpadelle sized ribbons. All you do is slot the right cone into the top, pop the lid on and you are ready to go – fruit and vegetables can be added from the top and plunged down using the grey section.

As I like to dive into the deep end, I decided my first recipe would be to try Sweet Potato and Parsnip Curly fries. Starting with the hardest of vegetables was maybe not he best choice, as it took a few goes to get into the swing of things and produce that classic spiral shape, there is a bit of a knack to it (however I’m pleased to say I’ve since discovered softer vegetables like courgettes are SO much easier through the processor).

Spiralizing made simple - The Kenwood Electric Spiralizer

After spiralizing my sweet potato and parsnip, I dribbled over honey and olive oil, added a dash of salt and pepper and got messy by mixing the blend together by hand. After around 30 minutes in the oven they were beautifully crisp and ready eat. They were absolutely delicious! I absolutely loved cooking sweet potato this way, the spiralizer saved so much time chopping up the vegetables and made the pieces nice and thin so they cooked quickly and evenly too. Perfect!  I’m also pleased to say the spiralizer was easy to clean too.

Spiralizing made simple - The Kenwood Electric Spiralizer

You can order a Kenwood Electric Spiralizer online or in store from Debenhams, priced at £50.00.

Thank you to Debhenhams for bringing this quick and easy tool in my life, I’m sure I’ll get plenty of use out of it! See my Pinterest board for more spiralizer recipe inspiration. 

Post written in collaboration with Debenhams

Whats on my changing table?

Now we are firmly over the midway hump of pregnancy, it’s time to start getting the nursery together, which I am super, super excited about! I’ve been frantically pinning ideas, colour schemes and furniture, as like every parent, we want the perfect room for our little bundle of joy to move into, even though she probably won’t sleep in there for a few months anyway! So, when East Coast Nursery contacted me and asked me to collaborate with their Dresser Hack Blogger Challenge, I jumped at the chance, as it gave me the perfect starting place for getting our nursery together and one big item ticked off the ever-growing list of ‘things-to-buy’ for when little one arrives.

Whats on my changing table?

So, the challenge was to #GetBabyReady, which involved taking the Clara Dresser and styling it to fit our nurseries and making as useful as possible for when baby arrives. I particularly wanted a changing table as our babies nursery is right next to our living room, so it’ll be super easy to keep everything in one place, which is a nice central point of the house too, meaning we won’t have to keep going downstairs every time the baby needs changing (we live in an upside-down house with the main bedroom downstairs!). I also love to keep organised, so buying storage and baskets is my heaven!

So, this is how I styled my changing table:

Whats on my changing table?

On the top-level, I chose the Chevron Changing Mat from East Coast in Raspberry for our little girl! Our theme for the nursery is a light purple, but the pink will be a fun pop of colour as I don’t want it to be too plain! The cute white teddy was one of the first purchases we made when we found out everything was ok at the 12 week scan – I got teary as Vee went off to the check-out to buy it (hello hormones!)  so I can’t wait for her to play with it as it felt like a really special purchase.

Whats on my changing table?

On the second level down, I’ve organised everything into lined wicker baskets to keep everything together and in mini-categories. On the left is babies ‘bathtime‘ basket, with all the products she’ll need for bathing and skincare (taking after her mother needing a huge selection), plus little soft sponges and cotton buds. We actually bought the handy Johnson’s Baby Essentials Set, as if I’m totally honest, I didn’t know exactly what we’ll need, so it’s nice to have everything in one handy set. Plus, the set came in a handy carry case which matches our nursery colours too (see below). Our second basket is ‘nappy changing‘ essentials, including cotton wool balls, Sudocrem and Nappy Bags. It’s not for nappy changes, but I also had a bottle of Infacol given to me by a friend, so I’ve put this here for safekeeping for the time being! Lastly, we have been stocking up on wipes since the 12 week scan and have SO MANY packets already – We have bought a few different brands so we can trial them and see what works for our baby as I’ve heard lots of different opinions on these.

Whats on my changing table?

Lastly, the lower level – We have nappies all unpacked and easy to grab in another matching lined wicker basket. These are Newborn Size 1, we are going to start with those but I’ve bought a few packs of size 2 as well. You never know what size she might be! The purple case is from the Johnson’s Baby Set, we are going to use this as a nappy bin on the go as it’s the perfect size to slot onto the bottom shelf and closes tight shut to keep odours at bay until it’s been emptied.

So, that is our changing table so far! As a first time Mum I’ve just had to research all the different things I need, so if I’ve missed anything, give me a comment below or a tweet with the things you found useful! Maybe when I actually use it I’ll change the order, who knows until we get there but at least I’ve got it all set up and it’s one step down.


Big thanks to East Coast Nursery for having me as a blogger on your latest challenge! To view the full range of nursery furniture and accessories, have a look at their website here.

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I’m the one in charge of our food shopping at home but I have to say my shopping list is quite dull. As I always order from the same supermarket online, so now just saved a ‘regulars’ list, so usually I end up ordering all the same stuff, with my narrow repertoire of homemade dinners just go round on a cycle. I keep looking at things on Pinterest and thinking ‘I’ll make that one day‘ but it never happens and before I know it, there is another Old El Paso Fajita kit in my online shopping basket and we are back to square one. That is why I’ve absolutely been loving a new food home delivery service called HelloFresh.


HelloFresh works by delivering you a box of fresh ingredients for you to cook three different recipes each week. There are three box options, Classic, Veggie and Family, so you can cater it to your dietary requirements and the size of your family as each box comes with enough food for either 2 adults or 4 adults. Each box contains the exact ingredients to make up the recipes which are carefully explained on easy to follow recipe cards (which include pictures and everything, perfect if you are a rubbish cook like me!) All of the ingredients, (even the little things like herbs and spices) are measured into exactly the right amount, so there is absolutely no measuring involved, you just throw the ingredients together. FAB. Also, of note all the ingredients are sourced as locally as possible, I noticed nearly all of our fresh veg were British grown and organic.

The box is then delivered to your door in clever packaging to keep everything cool, so even if you are out, it’ll be ok on your doorstep for a while with everything keeping super fresh.

We were offered a two week trial, so I chose the Veggie box, plus we opted for the 4 adult package as we were still hosting foreign students at this point (and being teenagers they LOVE to eat). Here is how we got on during our first week:



Our first meal was the Homemade Italian Vegetable Packed Calzone, I think this was probably my favourite dish of the week too! With this one I was so impressed with how fresh the vegetables were, the tomatoes inside the Calzone, just burst with flavour. Plus, I’ve never made a Calzone before so it was a learning curve putting it all together, but I absolutely loved the fresh dough, it was absolutely delicious! This one was great as I felt like I was eating something slightly ‘naughty’ being a pizza, but with the fresh veg it was actually pretty healthy….. Winner!



Our second meal was the Vietnamese Pho with Cavolo Nero and Cashews. I was lucky enough to have V cook this one, she described making it as ‘dead easy‘ even though we don’t actually usually cook dishes like this at home. Even with new flavours and ingredients, the recipe card was just so simple to follow, you can’t go wrong. This was as tasty as a dish at Wagamamas, but cooked at home! We had so much of this dish we were still eating it two days later, there was so much to go around.



Our last meal of the week was the Greek Aubergine Ragu with Basil Couscous and Feta. On the first glance of this recipe, this was the one that excited me the least, but I have to say I was totally surprised. The Ragu was so much tastier than I imagined, I think it was the addition of the olives gave the dish such a rich, fresh taste I was pleasantly surprised. Again, we had so much of this recipe, I had both a dinner and lunch the following day too, the portion sizes are just huge. Another hit!


We really enjoyed our first week of HelloFresh and went on to get another 2 boxes as we loved it so much. As Vee works shifts and we are not home together all the time, we don’t think we need a subscription every week, but plan to dip and and out (you can cancel any time) so when we have time together in the week so we can make sure we truly enjoy the boxes. We have also talked about getting the boxes when the baby first arrives as we will be super busy so it will be great to have some healthy food dropped round each week, or I think we might just end up living off pizzas! We have kept the recipe cards so will use them again too, it’s been really fun to try new foods and flavours and spice up our usual dinner cycle.

If you fancy a go at HelloFresh you can work out which box is right for you and see the prices here, plus if you fancy some money off you can use this referral code U5P66H £25 off first box (plus I get a little bit off my next too, so we all win – woohoo!).


I was sent a trial of HelloFresh boxes in return for an honest review – all words, opinions and photographs are my own.